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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Only Child? ...

Will Qianyi be our only child?

Before I gave birth to Qianyi, Hubby and I had discussed this. We think one kid is enough for us. But my family and friends kept saying that an only child would be very lonely and pitiful. I'm not sure about that. But is it wise to be pregnant again just to produce a playmate for my child?

One day, I asked Hubby if we should have second child just for Qianyi's sake. Guess what? He told his little princess, "Even if you have a little brother or sister, you'll still be daddy's favourite!" He said no one would be able to take over Qianyi's special place in his heart. Ha ha..

My Taiwanese friend has only one teenage daugher. I asked her if her daughter was lonely without any siblings. She said her daughter has many friends, she's not lonely at all. What's more, she advised me not to have second child. Her late mum told her that having a child would make the bond between the couple stronger. But having more children would surely spoil their relationship as there'd be more fights and arguments because of the children. Ha's interesting!

At the moment, taking care of one child is already a tough job. If there's one more kid, I can't imagine what type of chaos they'll create in my life. Maybe one day Hubby and I would change our minds, but I think it'd be too late as I'd be getting too old then..:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Qianyi, a mini version of daddy..

I've been sending Qianyi's photos to my family and friends via emails. Most of the comments are :She looks like her daddy!

When I was pregnant, I had always imagined how Qianyi would look like. I tried to picture her as a little Kelly or a little Alvin.. Both Hubby and I were really curious and eager to know how she would look like.

In the labour ward, right after I gave birth, the nurses who assisted the birth said Qianyi looked like me. I didn't bother whom she looked like. I was damn exhausted. But Hubby always told me the moment Qianyi was out of my body, she looked at him with her big beautiful eyes before bursting into tears. That's Qianyi. She met her daddy first. Hubby said It was so amazing!

She's a toddler now but we still find it unbelievable sometimes..We have a daughter! And she looks more and more like her daddy now..a mini version of Hubby..:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Little Princess's poo

Qianyi's bowel movement is always one of my main concerns. I used to help take care of my nieces and nephews when I was younger. Whenever they pooped, I would try to avoid handling them..because it stank! :) But Qianyi's poo is a different case. Both Hubby and I don't find her poo stink..haha..

It would always make me stressed whenever she has constipation or loose stools. Just a few weeks ago, I was trying hard to treat her constipation by changing milk powder and her diet. Now, she has loose bowel movement. :( I have to find out what causes it..the milk powder or the sweet potato porridge. Her appetite is good and she has no fever or vomit. She poops once a day. Sometimes the poo was yellowish and with some liquid. Sometimes it looked normal, but very soft. However, I'm sure it's not diarrhoea. She had diarrhoea at 6 months. Her stools were watery and she had frequent movements. Her appetite was bad and she looked ill. It was tiring to look after her then as she didn't want to eat and refused to take medicine.

When she had constipation, it broke my heart to see her trying so hard to push the poo out but failed after several attempts.. The little human being was so helpless and what I could do was massaging her tummy and applying some baby oil on her anus.
And now, when she poops, I would be very relieved if the stools are not runny.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Family Day

It was a sunny Sunday yesterday.. Hubby and I decided to stay at home to have a cozy family day. We brought Qianyi down to the swimming pool. While Hubby was playing with Qianyi, I enjoyed my swimming very much. Qianyi doesn't like goggles. She looked scared when I put my goggles on. Maybe I looked like a monster..ha ha.. Of course, after I finished swimming, I took over to look after Qianyi. My little darling Qianyi is already 19 months old. She had her first swim at 4 months. She seemed to be braver this time because she was trying to go under the water! But I didn't let her go down as I didn't want her to catch cold. We were happy to see her enjoy swimming so much.

While we were enjoying ourselves at the jacuzzi, another family with a little girl who's almost same age with Qianyi joined us. Well, they brought along a ball. Qianyi said "ball!". She was comfortable to be with another family. Though the other girl's a bit older than her, she called her "baby"..haha.. She calls every kid "baby". The way she pronounces "baby" is so cute and melodic. Hubby and I love to hear her baby words so much. We are so proud that her vocabulary is increasing day by day. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

This is my first posting, just to test-test :)