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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mischievous angel

I called my old friend yesterday who's also a stay-at-home mum. But she's a busier mum as she's caring for two active little boys. Our phone conversation was interrupted a few times by her older son who's turning 3 soon. He was whining and kept pressing the phone buttons. I just called to check if she's coping well. It must be tough to take care of two little kids without additional help.

While I was chatting with my nephew over the phone this morning, Qianyi was "behaving badly" too. She poured water onto the coffee table out of her bottle. Then she started playing with the water on the coffee table. At first, she gently dabbed some water on her face. And then she stroked her hair with the water. This little fellow was imitating me! It's funny to watch her acting like an adult. She loves to watch me apply toner on my face and hair coat on my hair. But what happened next definitely wasn't something I had shown her before. Guess what?? She was licking the water off the table like a little doggie! Urrgghh..

Lots of patience is needed to handle a toddler's tantrums and mischievous behaviour. Sometimes, I do feel my patience's being tested by this little naughty girl but a cute grin from her would never fail to melt my heart , making me laugh and forgive her again and again..:)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Little Helper

Little Hands move fast!

Kids love to help. Helping out is lots of fun!

Qianyi's always excited and curious to watch me sweep and mop the floor. Hubby would say, "Darling, you can't wait to grow up to help Mummy do the chores huh?" My niece loved to mop the floor when she was a little kid. But she wasn't doing a good job and used to leave a puddle of water on the floor and my mum slipped. My mum said she didn't appreciate the little helping hands as they had caused her more trouble. :)

Qianyi loves to play with a small piece of wet cloth. She would use it to wipe the coffee table, high chair and etc. I wonder if she feels she's contributing to the family or just trying to have some fun. Whenever I'm folding laundry, she would approach me and try to help out. But normally she would mess up the neatly-folded piles. When I was making the bed the other day, she helped put her bolster back to it's original place. How sweet! :)

Hubby and I are thinking of getting her a child-size broom and dust pan so that she can have some fun while learning to sweep the floor. Of course, we don't expect her to clean the floor. We just want her to get in the hang of helping out. I do hope she can grow up faster to help out with the house chores! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

When Daddy says NO...

Qianyi's learning new skills everyday. She doesn't have fears. She thinks she can do almost everything. I know it's time to discipline her but it's hard to say "No!" to the little princess.

She put a box near the tv cabinet the other night. She stepped on it and then tried to climb onto the tv cabinet. Hubby said "No!". She was shocked and cried pitifully immediately. Hubby rushed to comfort her but she rejected him and asked for her mummy. The usually soft-spoken doting daddy raised his voice!! She couldn't believe it..haha..

Sometimes Hubby spotted her having some dangerous behaviours and said "Eh.." in a louder voice, she would straightaway turn towards Hubby with ready-to-cry facial expression. And then Hubby would have to speak in a relaxed tone to ease away her tension.

Qianyi loves to play with the fridge lately. She's strong enough to open the fridge door and always wants to climb into it. I would normally get her out of the kitchen and try to distract her before her tantrum really gets started. If I say "No", she would surely cry and show me her shocked-and-hurt look.

It 's not easy to discipline a toddler who can't wait to learn about the world and explore the environment around her. Smacking is definitely not in our options as we think it's not a helpful discipline method. At the moment, we agree that distraction is the most useful tool for her tantrums.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Is she a Lefty?

I'm right-handed but Hubby is a lefty. We used to wonder if Qianyi would be left- or right-handed.

When she was younger, she preferred to use her left hand to reach and grab. We thought she had to be a lefty. But recently we noticed that she used her right hand to hold a pen! So, maybe she is right-handed after all...

We bought her a draw-n-erase board last weekend. She immediately drew on it using her right hand! We are quite sure now that she is a righthander.

I have a nephew who loved using his left hand when he was young. His mum is a lefty too. My late mum used to take care of this nephew. She made lots of effort to keep him from being a lefty. She scolded him whenever she spotted him using his left hand to hold chopsticks or a pen. I don't really understand why she fussed so much over something that seemed so trivial to me. She was quite firm that it's not right for one to use one's left hand for certain tasks.

We righties may not realise that left-handed people face a lot of obstacles as the world is heavily configured for the right-handed. Most tools, utensils and equipment are designed for righties. I remember an incident in a bank which made Hubby very frustrated. He was filling a form at the bank's counter. As we didn't bring a pen along, he had to use the pen provided which was tightly tied to the right side of the counter. He had to struggle so much just to sign his name on the form!

Lefthanders are thought to be more creative and talented. Though a lefty faces lots of problems in this right-handed world, Hubby said he didn't mind if Qianyi's left-handed as she would grow up to be very talented...haha.. I don't think it's true as there are many outstanding and talented right-handed people as well! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Feet..

One of Qianyi's hobbies nowadays is to wear her daddy's or mummy's shoes! These are the moments that touch us and make us smile.

Daddy's shoes are too big and heavy for her to lift off the floor. Normally, she'd end up stepping out of the shoes.

However, she managed to walk in Mummy's shoes. :)

Her feet's quite big. She's only 20 months old but is already wearing size 5 shoes. My feet's big too. I think her feet looks like mine, long and slender.

An unhappy incident took place when I was still a teenager. I was lying on my best friend's bed and her mum suddenly came into the bedroom. She saw my feet and was in great shock over their size. My friend's a bit shorter than me but her feet's very small. I felt quite humiliated then. When I was attending my first organ lesson, my organ teacher asked me about my shoe size. He told me that my feet would grow bigger and bigger until I couldn't find my shoe size in any shop. That sounded terrible! I was so scared then..:( Hope Qianyi's feet won't grow to be as big as mine.. Smaller feet look nicer in beautiful shoes. Ha ha.. Am I asking too much? I'm happy enough if she's happy and healthy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is it Potty time?

While I was watching TV this morning, Qianyi's playing in the bedroom. When it's the commercial break, she wanted to come out to watch her favourite commercials. A toy mobile phone was in her right hand and she would like to use her free hand to pick up her big ball. Well, she failed as it's not easy to grab the ball with just one hand. She put her phone on the floor and used both hands to pick up the ball. I thought she had given up her phone. I was wrong. She held the ball with left hand and picked up the phone again with right hand. And then she ran out of the bedroom to watch the TV commercials.

I was deeply moved by this simple act. My little girl has acquired a new skill. I didn't teach her that. It's amazing to see her master a new skill. She learnt a lot of skills by observing us. She developed a strong liking for our remote controls and mobile phone long ago. She talks on her toy phone like an adult and she knows she can make the TV mute by pressing a certain button on the remote control. She loves to imitate us. She learnt these skills in a natural way. I do hope she can be toilet trained naturally. But it's impossible!

She refused to pee or poo on her simple, cheap potty. Then we bought her a nice and much more expensive potty-chair. She treated it as a new toy. The potty hasn't been stained by her poo yet. I tried to put her on our toilet the other day. She found it interesting and was willing to sit on it for quite a while. So we decided to buy her a baby toilet seat. She found it fun to sit on it and play with the toilet lid. Unfortunately, she still refused to pee or poo on it. I guess she's not ready yet.

I consulted the paediatrician the best time to start potty training. Well, she said we can start at 2 years old. If started too early, it would frustrate both the parents and the kid. I don't mind to start it later but my older sisters always gave me pressure when I brought Qianyi back to my dad' s home. They would say, "Huh, she's wearing diaper all the time? Why didn't you teach her how to use a potty?" My nieces and nephews were taken care of by my late mum. They had been potty-trained since they were newborns. However, they became fully toilet-trained only at a much later time. I still remember the urine smell around the house. They peed everywhere. There were always "accidents". I don't want to do this with Qianyi. If I let her play around the house without a diaper, I'd surely need to do a lot of cleaning.

I guess one day Qianyi will show interest to use the potty or the toilet seat. Right now, I'm thinking of getting a VCD on potty training for her. Hope she'll imitate the little fellow in the VCD to enjoy the fun of peeing or pooping on the potty.

Friday, October 07, 2005

New Toy...

When we visited a toy shop some time ago, Qianyi spotted a little stroller with baby doll in the seat. She pushed it around the shop happily and sometimes bent down to touch the baby doll, treating it as a real baby. Hubby and I did't like the colour and pattern of the little stroller so we decided to look elsewhere. It was hard to separate Qianyi from the stroller and she whined and struggled when we left the shop. While we were taking evening walk the following day, a toddler was pushing a similar little stroller. Qianyi was so excited to see it again and grabbed it immediately. That toddler wasn't happy. When her mum asked her to share it with Qianyi, she said "No!".

We were in Kluang, Johor last weekend. We found the little stroller while shopping at The Store. Again, Qianyi pushed it around in a joyous mood. It's the same type we saw in the toy shop. It looked a bit ugly. Hubby wanted to buy a beautiful one. But my sister-in-law bought it for Qianyi, saying it's a gift from her. So, Qianyi became a little mommy at last!

The baby doll looks really ugly. Qianyi doesn't like it either. She dumped the doll and replaced it with the Minnie Mouse. She would stop and bend down to kiss the Minnie's nose after pushing for a while. Sometimes she would carry the Minnie while pushing the stroller with one hand. It's entertaining to watch her doing all this.

We brought the little stroller with us during evening walk the other day. One toddler approached us and seized the stroller. Qianyi didn't care about it but was eyeing that little girl's lollipop. When Qianyi was trying to touch the lollipop, that little girl was angry and said, "Cannot!". We let her play with our little stroller for quite a while. Qianyi's such a good girl. She shared her stroller with a stranger and didn't make a fuss when that spoilt brat didn't let her touch her lollipop.

It's not easy to teach Qianyi the concept of "sharing" as she's an only child. Hubby dotes on his little darling very much. He said there's no need to share toys with other children. Ha ha..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Parenting Stress

Qianyi's siesta time!!

Met a young stay-at-home mum last evening. I asked her when she's going to have second child as she had told me her hubby wanted three children. She looked stressed and started complaining. She told me her clingy baby needed constant attention and her hubby's a very protective parent who always started an arguement with her over their baby. She said they seldom had a fight before they had a child.

To our working friends, stay-at-home mums seem to have a life of leisure. But to us who have been there certainly know it's far from the truth. I feel tense most of the time. However, Hubby and I are able to keep our marriage healthy. We don't have arguments over Qianyi. We still respect and cherish each other. When Hubby learnt that I was having stressful days, he tried his best to help me. He bought me a useful yoga book and a nice yoga mat. Although I don't have time to go for a swim or a jog, I can practise yoga at home.

I can only enjoy peaceful moments during Qianyi's nap time. Normally I would take this opportunity to do some reading or create a post for my blog. So, I usually practise yoga while Qianyi's awake. But this little naughty girl would surely interrupt me from performing a posture correctly. I was doing yoga this morning. While I was lying on my back, she came to sit on my tummy. While I was on my tummy, she would massage my back.. Hubby and I used to massage each other in front of her so she knows what "massage" is. :)

It's not easy to cope with stress and fatigue. But I enjoy the joy of parenthood very much. I feel fulfilled watching Qianyi grow up day by day. It makes all the hardship worth it.