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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Little Babysitters

Qianyi at 3 months, first trip to Malaysia

Whenever I go back to my hometown in Malaysia, I would feel tensed up. There are a lot of people at my dad's home. It's a large family. Qianyi's scared of most of them. She would cry when they try to carry her or approach her. She would stick to me like super glue. Luckily, she enjoys my younger nieces and nephews' company.

Qianyi at 16 months, dressed up for my 20ish nephew's wedding

I really appreciate their help. Qianyi loves to climb stairs back at my dad's place. It's tiring to keep up with an exploring toddler. My little nieces and nephews would relieve me when I need a break. They would follow her everywhere, treating her like a little princess.

I brought her back to my dad's place on my own last week. It's Thursday, my mum's birthday. She passed away in July. My siblings and I went back as the priest told us we needed to celebrate her first birthday after her death. Hubby only took one day off on Friday so I was on my own. But I knew the little ones at dad's home would always be there to help babysit Qianyi. As expected, she refused to be touched by my elder brothers and sisters. If not, I would have received more help. However, they loved watching her especially when she clapped her hands and stamped her feet to imitate the characters in Barney VCD. My sis-in-law said my mum would be so happy to see this little sweetie but she's gone now.

Back in Singapore, I have to keep an eye on Qianyi from morning to night on my own. She would climb onto the dining table and stamp her feet on it. She would open drawers or cabinets and pull out everything inside. Sometimes I do hope my little nieces and nephews are here to play with her and look after her. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Hubby told Qianyi the other night that he was going to take care of her on his own one day so that Mummy could have a chance to meet up with her friends for a get together. Haha..I don't think it's possible. Even when I go for a jog, we need to go together with Qianyi in the stroller. He just couldn't handle her on his own. :)

We went shopping last weekend. Hubby looked after Qianyi while I was trying on a few pairs of bras in the fitting room. When I came out of the room, I saw a teary-eyed Qianyi and a tired Hubby. He asked why it took me so long in the fitting room. He was carrying a small backpack and some shopping bags. When I was in the fitting room, Qianyi kept struggling and whining. He tried to sing to her but failed to calm her down. She slapped his face a few times and pushed his face away. He had to hold her tightly as it wouldn't be easy to chase her with all the bags if he put her down. He said people were watching them...what a funny scene...:)

Sometimes I would go into the kitchen quite often to do some chores when Hubby is around. He would ask, "Why do you keep going into the kitchen? She misses you..." Ah, I guess Qianyi and I are inseparable for the time being. Sometimes I do feel overburdened. What to do? She's my daughter...:)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

She Likes Her Blankey in the Day and Nite!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good girl...

Qianyi didn't play with her bricks for a long time. Last night I put the box of bricks on the floor because she was getting fed up with other toys. Well, her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the bricks again! She sat down right away and became a little builder.

She had been playing with the bricks on her own for about 40 mins. She enjoyed the building fun so much that she didn't care at all when I left her alone to go to the toilet. And later, I went into the kitchen to boil water. Normally she would follow me immediately or kept knocking on the kitchen door if I have closed it. But last night the imaginative play kept her busy for quite a while that she didn't bother I left her alone in the living room.

When I was back from the kitchen, I didn't disturb her. I was standing near her to watch her fitting the bricks together in her "intuitive way". Ah...she was piling the bricks on top of one another that would fall over at the slightest touch. After a while, she started putting the bricks back into the box. Wow, she was cleaning up!! :) I couldn't believe it. She's the princess of making messes. I pick up her books and toys a few times a day. When she was almost done, well, there were still a few pieces of bricks lying on the floor, she suddenly saw me. She stood up and ran to me straightaway. She hugged my legs tightly. Haha..maybe she felt guilty that she had neglected me for so long. :)) What a good girl...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Potty fun

We bought a small red potty before Qianyi was born. We planned to use it when Qianyi was still an infant. However, it has become one of her toys now. Well, it's still clean as she has never done a poo or wee on it. She loves to play with it. Look what she has done in the picture...She was treating the potty as a hat! Haha...Perhaps it's a good way to get to know her potty! :)

Hubby and I don't want to force her to use the potty before she's ready. But I've started thinking of fun and easy ways to potty train her. I've showed her how to pee on the potty by putting her favourite bear on it and say "shh shh..". Sometimes I managed to make her sit on the potty for a few seconds even while she's wearing a diaper. She would say "shh shh..." :)

To make potty training easier, we have bought some training pants for her. We went to Kiddy Palace last weekend and bought different brands of training pants as we didn't know which one's better. Well, at least I don't have to do so much cleaning as the training pants would absorb most of the wetness.

I've actually started training her this afternoon. I'm thinking of training her a few hours in the afternoon when I'm free. She was having fun initially. I pulled her pants down and she said "shh shh.." while sitting on the potty. But after a while, she refused to sit on it any more. She kept running away when I asked her to sit on the potty and "shh shh...". When I spotted the concentrating expression on her face, I immediately pulled down her pants but it was too late. She was standing next to the potty then. Then I let her wear another pair of training pants. Again, no luck. Sigh. :(

Well, well, I should not be too disappointed. I'll try again tomorrow. It's not wise to hurry her for it might make her feel frustrated. I do hope she will get to enjoy the potty fun in the afternoon.

Hubby bought me a nice book on potty training sometime ago. Whenever I tried to read the book, she would snatch it away. She loves it as there are lots of pictures in it. Sometimes she spends quite a while "reading" a page. I told Hubby she would be fully potty trained when she finished reading the whole book. She would keep all the information in her brain and we won't need to train her anymore. Haha..dream on...:)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sweet surprise!

While I was watching vcd with Qianyi this afternoon, the intercom buzzed. "I'm here to deliver flower and cake," said an uncle who appeared on the video screen. I pressed the button to unlock the door for him to proceed to the lifts. I was puzzled. I didn't expect flower and cake from Hubby as it's just an ordinary day. I thought the delivery man must have pressed the wrong unit number, or it's probably for the previous tenant.

When the door bell rang, I was still thinking that it had to be a mistake. But the red roses and the chocolate cake were for me! It's a token of love and appreciation from Hubby. Hubby wrote something in the cute small card, "To the best wife and mummy in the whole wide world..." I was very touched. :)

Thanks, Hubby. Thanks for the sweet surprise. Thanks for being a wonderful husband. Thanks for thinking of me at work. Thanks for everything! muak, muak, muak...:))

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy girl with happy English name...

Qianyi has an English name. It's Felicity, an English word means "happiness".

When I was pregnant, Hubby and I had decided not to give Qianyi an English name. As we were going to select a Chinese name for her, we would like to give her a chance to pick an English name for herself when she was bigger. But then we changed our mind. We both like this English name. She can change it later if she doesn't like it as it's not on her birth cert.

Well, we still prefer to introduce her as "Qianyi" to our friends for it's her official name. But to some English-speaking people especially Caucasians, we would use her English name. A Singaporean mummy whom we often meet during evening walks couldn't remember "Qianyi". She kept asking for her name whenever she met us. I was getting annoyed and one day I told her it's Felicity. Guess what? She remembered it and didn't make a mistake whenever she called out my little girl's English name... But when I told a Canadian mummy Qianyi's English name, she said, "Felicity? Oh, never heard of this name..." When I mentioned Qianyi's English name to a Malaysian mummy, she said, "Felicity? not Facility ah?" Oh my god...The next time this Malaysian mummy asked me again for Qianyi's English name, "Is her English name Ferocity?" I was irritated and told Hubby about this. Hubby said Qianyi's not a tiger! :)) However, I met a Bulgarian mummy who said the right thing, "'s happiness!"

Hubby and I hope Qianyi will always be happy. May this English name bring her loads of happiness! :))

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Everything is a phone...

Qianyi loves to talk on the phone to her imaginary friends. To her, everything is a phone, including the computer mouse! :) Sometimes she would say, "Eh? shenme (what)?" It's really entertaining to watch her chat on the phone.

Who is her "pretend pal"? Is there only one pal or more? Is it a human or an animal? I don't remember if I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid. I wonder if she's been telling her pretend pal something that she's not able to tell us. Maybe she's been complaining to her imaginary friend that she doesn't like the food I feed her, the shoes I bought her and etc. :) Maybe she does feel lonely being an only child and thus this pretend pal plays an important friendship role in her daily life.

Yesterday she was very upset when Hubby didn't let her play in the bathroom. She cried out so pitifully so Hubby gave her my spare mobile phone (I have two mobile phones. The spare one is small and cute. I always keep this mobile phone out of her sight as she loves to play with it very much.) She was so happy to see the phone again and kept kissing it. Then she started talking to her pretend pal again. She dropped the phone on the floor twice accidentally so I snatched it away as I didn't want her to spoil the phone. She immediately burst into tears and was inconsolable this time. I returned the phone to her right away but she had fallen into a rage. She dumped it on the floor with great force! My poor phone..:(

Hope her pretend pal will ask her to control her tantrums and treat her parents better..haha.. I do hope it's a loyal friend who is always there to share her joy or unhappiness, instead of an evil friend who teaches her how to throw tantrums and misbehave. :)