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Friday, December 30, 2005

Unhappy little girl...

My 3rd elder sister and her only child, a 6 year old girl came over from Malaysia to visit us two days ago. They spent two nights here. When she was a toddler, she always felt bored and not happy. I thought she would change when she's bigger. But she's still the same. When we were at home, she wanted to go out. When we were out shopping, she said she wanted to go home...very difficult to please her.

When they visited us before I was pregnant, this unhappy little girl said my place was "very boring" and she wanted to go home. I thought it's normal as we didn't have toys for her to play. But now we have lots of toys here. She's still not happy. I showed her all our toys, she said there's nobody to play with her. When I asked her to play with Qianyi, she said Qianyi didn't know how to play and insisted that I had to play with her. She complained all day. I told her she's a small noisy girl..:)

Hubby and I always thought our little Qianyi's an attention seeker but we now think she's quite a good girl after comparing her to her bigger cousin. Qianyi's more independent. She can play on her own. She didn't really enjoy her cousin's company either. My sister and her daughter went to bed 2 hours earlier than us. Qianyi became much happier when there were only the three of us in the living room. I thought kids would love to play with one another. I was wrong. Haha..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Piggyback Ride

Hubby and I are Qianyi's playmates. As we don't have other extended family members who live nearby, both of us play a very important role in her playtime.

The photo on the left was taken when Qianyi's 7 months old. She always loves to ride piggyback on her daddy's shoulders. Whenever the three of us take evening stroll together, Hubby would definitely piggyback her. She would get very excited and hit his head or pull his hair...Sometimes she would stroke his hair too...:) Qianyi and I are closer. But she's happier when her daddy's around. Whenever Hubby comes back from work, she would expect him to play with her. Sometimes she would run away from him excitedly, pretending she's being chased by her daddy. She enjoys his company very much!

Look at the photo on the right...The 12 month old Qianyi was having great fun being carried piggyback in a baby carrier! Haha..I'm not young anymore but have to act like a big kid to play with her. Playing with her makes us closer and it's a good way to communicate with each other. She loves to hug me. When I sit on the floor, she would come and hug me from the back. Hubby said she loves me so much. She doesn't hug her daddy from the back. The daddy is jealous!! :) She would hug me loads of times a day...If I'm standing, she would hug my legs tightly and wouldn't let go even when I start walking. Maybe this is the way to assure her that Mummy would always be there for her. I guess she feels safe being held close to Mummy.

I tied her Pooh bear to her back using her yellow blankey the other day. She was thrilled when looking into the mirror...She was giving her Pooh bear a piggyback ride now!! Haha..

I think Hubby and I have to try hard to stay young, healthy and happy always. This will benefit our little darling in many ways when she's growing up. We do hope she'll enjoy a happy childhood. We are going to shower her with all our love and tons of affection. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

She climbs everything...

My little angel loves to climb. She would climb whatever she thinks is exciting, e.g. chair, stroller, couch, bed, cot, TV cabinet, coffee table, dining table and etc.

In the beginning, I would call out "No" constantly and moved her away from whatever she was climbing on. But the more I tried to stop her, the more determined to climb she became. In the end, I just let her climb and watched her nearby.

She is a skillful climber now. After climbing on a chair or table top, she would start jumping. This is really dangerous. And it's tiring me out watching her all the time. She would say "No" first before I say it when she's trying to climb on something. Maybe she means "No, don't stop me!" :) Hubby told me not to say "No" too often as we read it's not good for a child. So, we would just distract her when she's climbing on something dangerous by switching on her favourite VCDs or taking out her toys to play with her.

We went house viewing the other day. Qianyi kept climbing on coffee tables or jumping on beds so I had to keep an eye on her most of the time. In the end, our agent had to watch her for me so that I could take a good look at the houses. The agent would comment apologetically to the house owners..."She's very active", "she's very aggressive" or "she's very sociable"...haha...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Like father like daughter...

Looking back at Hubby's kid photos, we were amazed that he and Qianyi look so much alike! Their hair, eyebrow, eyes, nose and the mouth look so similar...

A young mummy whom Qianyi and I meet regularly during evening stroll saw Hubby for the very first time last Sunday. She knew instantly that he's Qianyi's father. She said, "He looks so much like Qianyi!" Haha, I didn't need to introduce Hubby to her. :)

I wonder if I had second child, will he or she look like me?? Hahaha...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Wonderful Daddy

After I gave birth to Qianyi, Hubby worked from home for one month to take care of me and baby. He's a loving husband, doting daddy and a terrific "confinement man" too!

We are first-time parents. Everything's new and there's so much to learn. We were on our own. Hubby got the chance to learn how to bathe a newborn at the hospital when Qianyi was chosen to be a demo baby. He also learnt to feed Qianyi glucose water with a cup when I was too exhausted to breastfeed her. It was amazing that she managed to drink water from a cup! :)

Back home, there were only the three of us, no nurses or doctors to guide us anymore. Hubby didn't dare to bathe Qianyi on his own, so we did it together. It's our baby. We bathed her with all our love.

The confinement daddy went to market every morning to buy fresh vegetables and meat. He did the cooking. (We downloaded some confinement recipes from the internet when I was pregnant. We had also bought a book, "Pregnancy & Confinement Recipes") So, it wasn't too difficult without a confinement lady. He's doing a great job. Besides cooking, he was doing the cleaning and laundry too. What a wonderful husband and daddy!!! :)

With Hubby's love and effort, the confinement period wasn't that tough anymore. We learnt everything together. With the tiny new member, our lives wouldn't be the same again. With Qianyi, we found new hope...and we are leading a more meaningful life now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

She's so beautiful...

"She's so beautiful. Our daughter's so beautiful...," said Hubby. Well, I've heard it umpteen times before. :) Sometimes I would say, "Hey, people said she looks exactly like you are praising yourself too!" Haha...

While we were watching TV last night, Hubby praised the little beauty again. He said he didn't mind how the little princess treated him...for example, she would kick him in the middle of the night (she sleeps with us, in the middle). He felt he's a lucky daddy to have such a pretty child...:) Hm..I guess all the kids are beautiful in their parents' eyes..

Qianyi is Hubby's little idol. He always said she's the most beautiful baby in the world...Whenever he saw other babies, he would say they couldn't hold a candle to Qianyi. No matter how mischievous Qianyi is, Hubby's very patient towards her, although he couldn't tolerate other naughty kids. :) This doting daddy has started thinking of how to deal with the little princess's future boyfriends when she has bloomed into a beautiful lady, attracting admirations from the young chaps...haha...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Family Fun Time

When we strolled along the swimming pool the other day, Qianyi enviously eyed the kids who were having fun there. We realized we hadn't brought her swimming for a long time... So, we did it last weekend.

The weather wasn't as warm as usual. It was actually a bit windy. We didn't care. We felt guilty we hadn't let her swim for quite some time. The water was actually quite cold. Once in the pool, her legs started kicking and her little hands furiously splashing about to keep herself warm. She was really excited and kept flashing a broad and toothy smile. We took turns to hold her. By placing one arm under her armpit, we let her float and move her around.

There were no other babies or toddlers in the pool. If it's a warm day, the pool would usually be very crowded. I was worried initially that she might catch a cold in the chilly water. But she was having loads of we didn't care anymore.

After enjoying ourselves for almost one hour, we decided it's time to go home. We managed to snap some pictures with our camera phone. But she was already tired and cold. That's why she doesn't look very happy in the photos. :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Evening Stroll

Qianyi and I take evening stroll almost everyday during weekdays. I don't want her to stuck at home whole day so we usually enjoy our stroll longer if the weather is not bad. We took an one-and-a-half-hour stroll yesterday!

During our stroll, we would meet other mothers or maids with kids. It's good for her to mingle with other kids. There's a maid who found her so cute because she would help her push the stroller. The maid said she's a good girl and so strong as she kept pushing the stroller...haha...she's always so energetic. :)

Qianyi loves babies. There's one particular baby that she adores. It's a baby boy with bare head. She would stroke his head gently. The maid told her, "Wow, you keep massaging his head, his hair will grow faster." The little boy is learning to walk. The maid has to hold his two little hands. Although he's much younger than Qianyi, he looks bigger and the fact is he's heavier than Qianyi. His head is much bigger than Qianyi's. It's so difficult to give birth to a small-head Qianyi, the doctor actually helped me vacuum her out. I wonder what would happen if Qianyi's head is as big as the little boy's. :)

There is a maid who's always walking a beautiful little dog. Qianyi would get excited whenever she spots them and shout "dog". And then she would run after the dog. She still can't differentiate a dog from a cat. She would call out "dog" when there's a cat. Funny girl...

We met a grandmum with two little girls during our stroll the other day. They brought along a little beautiful car. Qianyi has a tricycle but I won't bring it along as I know she's not going to ride on it. I'll be the one who's going to carry it while chasing after her. She's always interested in other kids' toys or little cars. The moment she caught the sight of the little car, she kept following them. Luckily the two bigger girls liked her and lent the car to her. Well, she enjoyed riding on the car very much.

After a long leisurely walk, she would usually fall asleep when we get home. And this is the time for me to take a break...I appreciate these peaceful moments very much. I love my daughter but I need some quiet time for myself too. Her two-hour nap is the best time for me to recharge myself. It's stressful to care for her as she would get bored easily nowadays. Sometimes I just don't know how to "entertain" her...haha..

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sweeping is really fun!

Qianyi loves the brooms! I would put her in the cot when I need to sweep the floor. She used to be so excited watching me do it from the cot. But now, she would like to try her little hands at it.

As usual, I put her into the cot the other day when I took the broom and dust pan out of the store room. Her eyes lit up and wanted to hold the broom. When I said "NO", she threatened to jump out of the cot by placing one leg on the railing. Well, I had to let her out to have some fun as she was getting agitated.

She was trying to sweep the floor and was enjoying the fun. She refused to return the broom to me so I gave her another broom with shorter handle. However, she still refused to give me the long-handled broom and started sweeping with two brooms! ;))

While we were back at my dad's place last week, she found the broom and dust pan in the kitchen and started enjoying the sweeping fun again. Everybody's amazed to watch the little girl sweep the kitchen floor! My little niece said, "How are you going to sweep the floor? the handles of the dust pan and broom are taller than you!"

Christmas is around the corner. I guess the best Christmas gift for Qianyi are the toddler-sized broom and dust pan.'s time to start looking around for the wonderful present she's longing for... My little darling, we can sweep the floor together very soon...:)