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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Tale of Two Cities

We have had two oversea trips. Both were enjoyable and the snapshots always bring back sweet memories.

We went to England when Qianyi was 6 months old. She was the youngest on the plane. Everybody on the flight seemed to find her interesting. We chose to stay at a small hotel in Cambridge near the house we used to live for 3 years when Hubby was pursuing his PhD a couple of years ago. An American woman in the hotel told us Qianyi caught her eyes immediately as she was very alert at her tender age.

Qianyi seemed to be very happy on both trips. During the first trip, she refused to sleep in the bassinet on the plane. So, I had to carry her all the time. It's quite tiring as it's a very long flight. She was also crying pitifully during the airplane's descent. Not a pleasant flight for the 3 of us. In England, she drank very little water as English water tasted different due to the high mineral content. She constipated during the entire stay. Other than that, she was very happy as the weather was cool even though it's summer time.

During our recent trip to HK, she was in good mood throughout the entire flight. But she couldn't sleep in the bassinet anymore as she's so much taller now. As it's a short flight, we managed to keep her happy with colour pencils and colouring books given by the flight attendants. And she didn't cry during the landing either. She had no problem with the water in HK. We also bought oranges and orange juice for her. So, she didn't constipate this time. We learnt our lesson :-)

Hope the three of us can travel overseas every year. A family trip is always fun. Maybe we can go skiing together in Switzerland when she's older :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poor Daddy

Qianyi is very good at bullying her daddy. She treats him as her playmate but she doesn't like to be carried by him. However, when the daddy is sleeping or taking a short nap, she would certainly try her best to disturb him.

Hubby was damn tired after a hard day's work last night so he took out a single mattress to rest in the living room. Look at the photo...the little bully was sitting on his head while watching tv! Sometimes she would tug on his eyelids..pry his eyes open and of course that would wake him up in the end.

This is our daughter..a naughty little girl...:) No matter how she treats her daddy, he won't feel angry. When he was blowing kisses to her the other night, she suddenly ran to him and planted a kiss on his lips..first kiss from her. I knew he was very happy and surprised. He actually felt like he had just won the lottery!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back from Hong Kong!

Sorry for the long silence! Just returned from an enjoyable 5-day trip to Hong Kong. There's so much laundry and other chores to do since we came back. That's the main reason I didn't get to update this blog till now. Overall, the trip was great and we have had a good time.

I have two friends in Hong Kong. Both are stay-at-home mums. One married a Hongkie while the other one's husband is working in Hong Kong.

Our impression of Hongkies are unfavourable in general. The way they speak and behave are generally very rude and unrefined. Heard that their service standards have improved in recent years but they're still very bad. While we were having dim sum at quite a 'good' restaurant with one of my friends, a waiter threw a few packets of wet tissue onto our table. I looked at my friend in disbelief. She said that's their Hong Kong style. She has gotten used to it. Wow, how rude that was! But there are exceptions of course. My friend's Hongkie husband speaks softly and is very modest.

My other friend lives in a nice condo. The security guard there hailed a cab in all the way from the main road for us when we wanted to return to our hotel. No such service from our condo guards here! :) There are two big indoor playgrounds there, one for kids aged 0-3 and the other for those above 3. That's wonderful as one doesn't have to worry about younger kids being knocked down by older ones. How I wish we have this setup here! Although the facilities are fantastic, the house itself is too small, only about 105 sqm. There are three small bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is big enough for one person only. Despite this, my friend's unit fetches a whopping HK$70 million (S$14.9 million) in the market. Every inch of land in HK is gold.

Qianyi didn't cry on the plane like on her trip to UK when she was much younger. But she was trying to run along the aisle although the space's very limited. There were other kids who kept crying during the flight. So, I guess she's considered a very good girl. :) She has developed a new habit during the trip. Whenever there were strangers who said hello to her, she would lower her head. This started when we were having dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Disneyland. A waiter kept teasing her by taking away her fork and spoon. She would lower her head and remained quiet until the waiter left. After that, whenever there were strangers who offered to take pictures of the three of us, she would lower her head and be extremely shy.

It' s hard to capture her in pictures as she would wriggle and move around constantly. My friend who married the Hongkie has a son who's 9 months younger than Qianyi. We tried so hard to take a picture of the two of them. Despite all our efforts, their faces appeared blurred in most of the photos, sigh. I had not seen this friend for almost 10 years. It's great to see her again with our husbands and kids.

Oh, my luck was good in Hong Kong. I won a prize answering a question during our visit to a jewellery factory. It's a small piece of ruby and I'm wearing it as a pendant now. I have never had such I felt really good..haha..

Looking back at the photos we took in Hong Kong, Qianyi seemed to be very happy. After the trip, she is a better girl now as she whines less and seems more mature. She mastered a new skill today. She has learnt to lock and unlock the door on her own. What a smart girl she is!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Night Owl

Our little darling is a night owl. She would get very active when it' s time for bed. She stays up until after midnight and wakes up around 10 the next morning. I've tried to move her bedtime a bit earlier but failed. Sigh.

When she was a newborn, she slept almost all day and became very alert at night. Those days were tough. We managed to help her change her sleeping pattern later. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months. But she became a night bird since then.

I was advised to wake her up early in the morning or cut short her naps (she usually naps for two hours in the late afternoon.) Both didn't work as she would get very agitated if her sleep is disturbed.

A friend of Hubby's said her child sleeps around 10.30pm, very late according to her. And it's her fault as she can only fetch her child from her mum's home after work and it's usually quite late already. So, 10.30pm is late...Our little Qianyi slept at 2am last night...haha..

Hope she'll settle into a new bedtime soon as we plan to send her to kindergarten when she's two and a half years old. It's time for her to make friends as she's getting very bored at home...

Monday, January 09, 2006

She Kept Practising...

Last night, Qianyi suddenly showed us that she's ready for potty training. She would pull her pants down, sit on the potty, stand up and then pull her pants up. She kept practising...Hubby and I were amazed to watch her do that again and again. And in the end, after 2 hours of practice, she did a wee on the potty herself! Oh, our little princess's a big girl now... I know it's still a long way to go before she's fully trained. But right now, she's showing us a big improvement. I just couldn't stop kissing her to praise her for her "wonderful achievement"...:)

Hubby and I thought it might just be an "one-off". When it was time for bed, we changed her into her pyjamas and put on her diaper for her. Before she fell asleep, she came down from the bed and ran to her potty. She pulled down her pants and sat on it immediately. I followed her and asked, "It's time to sleep. You still want to practise huh? " But when I touched her diaper, it's warm. She was peeing on the potty with her diaper on. Haha..

She didn't forget the "skill" this morning. She did a pee on the potty successfully on her own. But later, when I was doing some chores, she did it again. Unfortunately she forgot to pull her pants down this time. And when she stood up, I was surprised to see her little teddy bear lying inside the removable cup. Well, it was soakingly wet. It had absorbed almost all her urine. Poor teddy...:)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kisses From Little Lips

I've given Qianyi countless kisses before but it's always a one-way traffic. She preferred to kiss my photos. But today she kissed me back, on my lips. She did it seven times today! :) It's just like falling in love all over again...

She would hug me first and then give me a kiss on my lips. Well, she doesn't really know how to kiss. She just placed her little lips on mine. And then she would laugh and run away. She enjoyed it so much so she did it again and again, treating it as a game. We were having loads of fun playing this kissing game. :)

Maybe it's a reward from her. I think she realized her mummy's very tired trying to potty train her. I have to bring her to her potty every hour or so. If she sits on it, that means she's going to pee. If she resists, I would have to do it again and again. But sometimes there are still accidents. She would keep stamping her little feet on the puddle of urine and it splashed everywhere. Her poor mummy would have to wash her lower part of body and clean up the floor. However, kisses from my little princess certainly have made all my efforts worthwhile. :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

She pooped on the toilet!

My little sweetheart did a poo on the toilet today! It's hard to express my feelings...Of course I'm over the moon...and I'm amazed that she didn't resist to poo on the toilet this time. This is a wonderful start! :)

I managed to get her wee on both of the potty and toilet many times but I had always failed to get her poop on them. Today, she's changed. She poops every other day and there's only one movement a day. When she was younger, she would start jumping when she had the urge to poo. Now, she would run around the house until the poo's out. Her body would become very stiff if I force her to sit on the potty and her resistance was always strong. But today, when she started running, I managed to get her sit on the toilet. I kept massaging her tummy until she did it on the toilet. What a great achievement!! :)

It's better for her to go straight from nappies to toilet. That means I don't have to clean a dirty potty. (What a lazy mummy I am!) However, I let her pee more on potty because I found we normally don't have enough time to rush to the toilet when I spot her concentrated expression. After weeing, I would take the removable cup from her potty chair to the toilet. I would show her how to get rid of her urine and let her flush the toilet. And then I would clean the removable cup thoroughly as I know she would definitely put it on her head later...:) She's napping now...without a diaper...I hope she won't pee during sleep. :)