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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Magiclean Angel

Hubby and I planned to buy Qianyi a child-size broom and dust pan last Christmas but we didn't manage to find them. And then we bought a Magiclean sweeper to make cleaning easier. She fell in love with it right away when she saw me cleaning the floor using it. So I let her try it for fun. Whenever I take the sweeper out of our store room, she would grab it immediately.

While playing with the sweeper, she somehow would manage to clean the floor (not much though). We checked the wiper sheet each time after she "helped out" did catch some dirt and hair! It's easy to use. I would sit down and watch her do it until she's fed up and I would take over the job. :)

We visited a friend's place some time back. This little girl spotted the same sweeper in my friend's kitchen. Needless to say, she grasped it and started cleaning the kitchen floor! My friend's mother found her very amusing. She pointed to some dust and hair nearby and asked Qianyi to clean it. And our little sweetheart found the cleaning very enjoyable.

She's actually not very naughty but she has too much energy waiting to be released. So, we have to give her something to do to keep her occupied. Besides swimming, she loves running on the grass downstairs too. Now, we are thinking of enrolling her at a baby gym. We are sure she'll have fun climbing, hanging or swinging in a fitness class.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some Interesting Pictures...

She put her tennis ball and shuttlecock into the removable cup of her potty. And then she took my brush to stir the "cooking ingredients". My brush has become her wok chan...and the removable cup's her wok. Isn't it very innovative? :)

She found it's easier to cook with two wok chans, so she took her daddy's brush out of our bedroom as well. Cooking's fun...

Baby, baby, where are you? There you are...under the bedsheet! Peekaboo!

Playtime fun...Oh, she's trying to wreck her little stroller. Poor stroller... She loves to put her teddy bear and Pooh bear on her tricycle and push them around the house. She would get very frustrated if they fall off the tricycle. So, Mummy and Daddy would make sure that they sit tight on the tricycle. :)

She's drawing on the wall! We have to keep an eye on her to make sure she's using her "play pen" instead of a real pen.

She was born in the year of the Monkey and she loves monkey bars a lot...She's such an active toddler, just like a little monkey! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

She's so shy...

Qianyi's very shy of strangers. Or, I should say she's slow to warm up to unfamiliar faces or situations.

I took her for a swim yesterday. It's 4ish pm and it's still very warm. She was going to nap soon so I couldn't wait until 5ish when it's not so shiny. We were lucky to find a shady side of the pool and settled there immediately. She was so happy to be in the water and started kicking and splashing around. There was a Japanese woman in the jacuzzi who kept smiling at us. She seemed to like Qianyi a lot. After a while, the Japanese woman came near us and said hello. Qianyi stopped kicking and turned towards me. She became passive and stiff. At first, I thought she was tired. But later I realized she was scared of the Japanese woman. After the Japanese swam away, she's back to her joyful mood again. Whenever the Japanese swam to our "territory", Qianyi would show her shyness immediately.

Qianyi's scared of the uncle who lives opposite our home. She would hide her face against my chest whenever we bump into him. He would laugh and say, "Hiding away..." His wife asked him to stop teasing Qianyi the other day when we met during evening stroll. She told him, "She doesn't like your face lah..." :)

I took Qianyi for a walk outside our condo a couple of days ago. On our way out, we passed by the guard house and I said hi to the Indian security guard. He told me Qianyi's eyes were closed. Haha, this is another funny way to hide from people she doesn't know much.

She's just like me, shy and timid. She needs a little time to get comfortable with people she doesn't know. And she needs more time to adjust to new situations. We just need to be patient and give her more time to outgrow her shyness. :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dream Interpretation

Hubby told me he had a dream yesterday. Both of us were on holiday happily in England in his dream. Qianyi wasn't in the picture. "Where did you dump our little princess?" I asked.

I had a totally different dream this morning. I gave birth to another princess in my dream. No pregnancy, no birth pain. I was changing her diaper in a swimming pool. She was lying on a float. A few thoughts were running through my head at that moment. Shall I feed her S26 as well (we fed Qianyi that when she's a newborn) or try out other formula milk? Shall I use Pampers or Mamy Poko newborn diapers?

How to interpret our dreams? Perhaps, Hubby subconsciously longs for a holiday without the little troublemaker although he loves her to bits. Or, he wants more freedom..As for my dream, I guess I do hope Qianyi will have a sibling. But I skipped the pregnancy and delivery parts that I hate, haha.. And I think changing diaper in the swimming pool implies my life with a newborn is pleasant and relaxing. What do you think? :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Rings

Valentine's Day holds special meaning for us this year. We bought a pair of white-gold diamond rings for ourselves. Hubby lost his wedding ring in England a couple of years ago. I stopped wearing mine during pregnancy. Putting on the new wedding bands makes us feel like we are renewing our commitment to each other. It's such a unique way to express our love to each other on this romantic day.

Tomorrow is a working day. It's not convenient for us to bring Qianyi out at night to celebrate the special day and so we did it during the 2-day weekend. We went shopping for our Valentine's rings last Sat. We didn't spend much time finding ourselves the most ideal matching wedding bands. It's great to choose the rings with Qianyi around although she apparently didn't like the jewellery shop much.

We didn't feel like going out again yesterday. We decided to call for Pizza Hut home delivery. There's a Loveberry Classic Meal offer on Pizza Hut's website. The pizza's in a heart shape. It's nice to have a "romantic pizza" at home. When the delivery man rang our door bell, Hubby opened the door. I followed him and the little one was running after me to the door. The delivery man took a step back immediately and uttered a single, hoarse "dog" in horror. We realized it's the sweet jingling sound of Qianyi's anklet that made him think it's a dog. I turned to Qianyi and said, "You little doggie...haha..." The delivery man felt embarrassed and kept apologizing to us. Haha, he's so scared of a dog... :)

Well, the pizza's a disappointment. It didn't look like a heart after all... :(

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Princess!!!

It's our little princess's 2nd birthday today! She seemed to know it's a special day and she woke up at 2.40am to celebrate it. :) She was very alert and kept talking (couldn't figure out what she's trying to say though)...She was very excited and made lots of noise until Hubby came out of the bedroom to join us. Poor Hubby, he didn't have enough sleep...She felt sleepy again only when it's almost 5am. This birthday princess was behaving strangely.

We (Qianyi and I ) woke up again at 10.20am. The birthday girl refused to drink milk. I had no time to feed her other food as we were going to meet Hubby for lunch near his workplace (town area). Hubby has a 2 hour break on Fridays. I packed a bottle of milk for her and called a cab. She was travelling on an empty stomach but she was quite passive in the cab, didn't whine or try to wriggle. It was raining and she enjoyed the cool weather. It was a peaceful trip.

We dined at Burger King and ordered her favourite food for her. I offered her the bottle of milk but she wasn't interested. She kept eating the french fries. This is the only food that can keep her still nowadays. We also bought a piece of chocolate cake for her. She enjoyed the food very much.

After lunch, we went shopping. She was running around happily at the toy department. She touched everything that attracted her. We let her choose her birthday gift. We bought a Barney toy for her in the end.

It's time to go home and Hubby needed to get back to work. We joined a long taxi queue. The birthday princess was getting impatient and started whining. I took her to see some postels to distract her while Hubby stayed in the queue. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long. When we were inside the taxi, Hubby closed the door for us and waved his hand to say goodbye. Qianyi looked puzzled when the taxi started moving away. How come Daddy's not coming home with us? Haha..I told her Daddy was going back to work. Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going out again..Daddy will have more time for you then..:)

Happy, happy 2nd birthday, our little princess!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Turning 2 tomorrow

My little girl is turning 2 tomorrow. Me oh time flies!

I have just celebrated my birthday..and now it's her turn.. And the Valentine's Day is only a few days away...Oh, this is a month Hubby needs to spend lots of money! :)

On his way back from work, Hubby would send me a sms when he's near home and I would take Qianyi down to meet him. When we see him on the road waving one of his hands to us, Qianyi would start screaming and running to him. I asked him how he felt and if it's great to be welcomed by the little princess after a hard day's work. His answer is "of course!". Happiness is such a simple thing.:)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Getting Older and Wiser!

I've just celebrated my birthday. Getting older...:( Have been in birthday mood for the past few days as Hubby kept bringing home little surprises. The things he got me include a new pair of specs; bird's nest and some SKII and Shishedo skin care products to help me stay young and pretty :-) He searched online for some time to find out which particular product lines are really effective. For those who are interested, do check out

We dined at Swensen's on my birthday as it's one of the few places Qianyi feels comfortable in. She was very happy as if she's the birthday girl. Since she was in good mood, we managed to finish our meal in peace. Maybe she knew it's her dearest mummy's birthday and didn't create trouble. :)

I ordered fish & chips so that Qianyi could share some. But she didn't want to eat the fish. It's strange as she used to love fish a lot, especially cod. She just kept eating the chips. And of course she enjoyed the ice-cream dessert as well.

I'm getting older but my little girl is still so young. Sometimes I envy my friends who gave birth much earlier. Hubby and I have been married for almost 9 years. For the first three years of our marriage, Hubby needed to concentrate on his PhD studies. After that, he wanted to focus on his career. While my friends were busy taking care of their babies, Hubby and I backpacked around Europe and the US. Everytime we went backpacking, it's like honeymooning all over again. Those were the good old days and I do miss them...:) We were really not emotionally ready to have a child then. In the end, we decided it's time as my biological clock was ticking away.

Qianyi has changed our lives. Our carefree days are behind us now. But she has made our lives complete! She's such a beautiful and loving little girl. It all seems worthwhile.

My little darling, Mummy's getting older. Hope I'll also be a wiser mum who can take better care of you. :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Doggie New Year

We went back to Malaysia by train on the first day of the CNY. Little Qianyi was wearing a cute red cheongsam, a pair of long red socks and black-and-red shoes. She drew lots of attention during the whole trip. An Indian passenger said, "She's so cute in that little cheongsam."

Qianyi loves bak kwa. When she refused to have proper meals at my dad's place, I would offer her some bak kwa. She and I share the same taste. I love the delicious, oily barbecued dried pork. Hubby doesn't like it. That's good as it's very greasy and unhealthy and he needs to lose some weight, ha ha. He bought some bak kwa for me and little princess last night. I just can't stop eating it and I think I've gained a little weight.

As usual, Qianyi didn't want to be touched by any male adults at my dad's home. She followed me everywhere. She would disturb me when I was trying to have a meal at the dining table. In the end, I would put all my food and rice in a plate and eat in the living room where she was playing.

Two of my elder brothers have recently bought themselves new Toyotas. One Innova and one Camry. Qianyi enjoyed the rides very much in the new cars. She kissed both of us on our lips inside the Camry as she was so happy. We don't have a car here. Sorry, my little darling.. But we go out by taxi quite frequently and she's always excited and happy in it.

My dad's home was very crowded. All the siblings and their children came back to have a reunion. It's great to see all of them again. Although Mum was no longer around, I guess she was watching us from above. My second sister showed us some photos taken during CNY a few years ago. Mum was wearing the pink traditional costume I bought her (it's in my wardrobe now. I brought it back for remembrance after Mum's funeral). It's nice to go through those photos with my loved ones.

In the Doggie year, my fondest hope is for Qianyi to grow up healthy, for Hubby to advance in his career and for me to be always young and pretty! Haha..