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Friday, March 31, 2006

Under the High Chair

Look!What was she doing? Haha..she's doing exercise under the high chair!!

I came out of our bedroom this morning and couldn't see her in the living room. I panicked and then I spotted her under the high chair. She was sitting there quietly. I think she was hiding there to scare her mummy. :)

Being under the high chair seems to be another fun thing to do. Well, she discovered that yesterday. She would bend down to walk under the high chair. It's not very easy as she's quite tall now. It's amusing to watch her do it again and again. little funny girl...:D

Thursday, March 30, 2006

She's not trained yet...

Potty is just a toy to Qianyi. She loves to put the removable cup on her head and turned the potty chair upside down.

Qianyi mastered the skills needed to use a potty months ago. After a while, she showed her resistance again. She would pull down her pants, sit on the potty, saying "shh shh"(not peeing anyway), then get up and pull up her pants. She prefers to pee on the floor and play with it excitedly.

She was diaperless from 1pm to 5pm yesterday. She did a wee on the floor 7 times! Everytime she did it, her hands and legs were wet and I would carry her to the bathroom and wash her. I then went on to clean the floor. I felt exhausted after doing it for 7 times. She kept drinking water and peeing. There's always a big puddle of urine on the floor. :(

When she's wearing a diaper, I must make sure she's wearing her pants too. I let her wear just a pull-up diaper the other day. While I was in the bedroom, she pulled down her diaper and passed urine on the floor in the living room. Needless to say, she started playing with it happily. I should have let her wear her pants too as it's inconvenient to pull down both pants and diaper.

I'm really struggling with potty training. Sometimes I just let her wear a diaper when I feel tired. I have read something that made me feel better from a potty-training book:

More haste, less speed
In the USA, paediatricians have a saying about potty training:
'If you start at 2, you'll be done by 3.
If you start at 3, you'll be done by 3!' :p

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hubby and I took Qianyi down for a walk around 10pm last night. We saw a white fat cat right in front of the clubhouse. Qianyi ran after the cat right away and shouted "Cat!" excitedly. She used to call it a "Dog" but now she knows how to differentiate these two animals.

The cat stopped near the flowers. I asked Qianyi to touch it but she didn't dare. Hubby then made a cat's sound, "Meow..." Qianyi laughed immediately. Since she loved to hear the sound, we kept meowing to make her laugh. She learnt to meow too..but it sounded more like "mel..." :)

Well, she enjoyed watching the cat so much that she was reluctant to go home. We couldn't believe that a cat managed to bring our little princess so much joy and fun.

When we arrived home, she went to get her animal flash cards straight off and looked for the cat eagerly. She looked so happy the moment she found it! I then meowed again to make her laugh... It was a great night as it's filled with our little darling's cute and sweet laughters! :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

So Little Hair...

I was chatting online with a friend the other day. She asked why I didn't keep Qianyi's hair long. According to her, Qianyi looks smart now but she'll look better with longer hair. To her, a perfect baby girl's look is one with long and curly hair...:)

Well, well, I do hope Qianyi has longer hair... Unfortunately, her hair's been very slow-growing. That's why she's always been mistaken as a boy when she's not wearing a dress. She had less hair when she was smaller. I cut her hair from time to time, hoping it'll grow faster and it does work. I know it'll take a long time for her hair to grow longer.

There was a security guard around here who loved to tease Qianyi. He would ask, "Boy or girl?" When I told him it's a girl, he would say,"No lah..doesn't look like a's a boy lah..Boy boy!" He asked the same question whenever we bumped into him. Hubby suggested me to tell him Qianyi's a boy if he asked again. But later he's longer working here. Hubby said he must have been sacked as he kept harassing Qianyi..haha..:)

Let's be patient...I'm sure my little darling's hair will grow longer and thicker soon..and hee hee..she'll be a more strikingly beautiful little princess!! :D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Little Monkey

Qianyi still climbs everything. She loves to climb on the dining table and walk on it. It's very dangerous but I can't always say NO to her. Sometimes I would distract her by switching on her VCD or bringing out her favourite toys to play with her. Sometimes I just let her climb up there to see it's actually nothing exciting. She still climbs on the dining table but not that often now.

She climbs onto the dresser too. She enjoys looking in the mirror. She also loves to climb onto the sofa and sit on the armrest. This is annoying and dangerous. I would hold her hand to make sure she won't fall off.

She enjoys jumping on the bed very much. Whenever she's jumping on the bed, I would start singing the rhyme below:

Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped her head
Mum called the doctor and the doctor said
No more monkeys jumping on the bed

She would laugh whenever she hears the rhyme. :)

She has lots of climbing energy. By climbing, she learns balance and it's a big satisfaction for her when she can climb onto something without help. I'm nervous now and then but I'm also happy that my little girl is so healthy and adventurous. I'll just be there for her and help her get down if she needs me or stay close enough to catch her if she falls.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Is My Daughter A Bully?

I used to get bullied when I was a little girl. I thought Qianyi would be like me as she's always shy and timid but I was wrong. Sometimes she can be quite aggressive.

We met little Jenny who is one month older than Qianyi during our evening stroll last week. Qianyi spotted her little pram and went over to push it right away. Well, Jenny wasn't happy with it and complained to her mum. Her mum told her to ask Qianyi to return the little pram herself. She then asked Qianyi, "Can I have my pram back?" Qianyi didn't seem to hear it at all. She kept pushing the pram around without paying attention to anybody. I had to stop her and told her, "Stop and listen to Jenny." She struggled and wanted to push the pram again. Well, Jenny and her mum were waiting. I had to return the pram on behalf of my daughter. I held her tightly so that Jenny could have her pram back. I had to keep her still with a little force until they left. She kept whining and wanted to chase after the little pram. She has a similar little pram at home but she always prefers to play with other kids' toys.

We were at the playground a day after the "little pram" incident. We met little Qianqian who is six months younger than Qianyi and her mum. Qianqian had just borrowed a little basketball from a little boy. And Qianyi snatched the basketball from her once she caught sight of it. I told her it's not hers but she didn't care. Qianqian didn't seem to mind at all so I didn't force Qianyi to return it. After a while, Qianyi put the ball down. Qianqian thought she's done with it and walked towards the ball but Qianyi grabbed the ball again before Qianqian reached it. Qianqian just gave up and went back to ride a wooden horse. Her mum borrowed a little rugby ball from another kid later. When Qianyi saw it, she went over immediately, trying to take it from Qianqian again. But this time, her mum stood up for her. She told Qianyi she couldn't take the ball from Qianqian again. It worked. Qianyi didn't try to "bully" little Qianqian afterthat.

I told Hubby about Qianyi being a bully at the playground. He said I should have intervened when Qianyi snatched the little basketball from Qianqian. I agreed. I guess her mum must have felt angry that her little girl was bullied. But if I had stopped Qianyi and returned the basketball to Qianqian, I would have to carry her and leave the playground to prevent her from bullying Qianqian again. She wouldn't have chance to mingle with other kids if I had done so.

We used to take her little pram along during our stroll. She wasn't interested in her own little pram and didn't mind at all when a little girl took it away. So, she doesn't mind to share her toys with other kids. She's just more interested in other kids' toys.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

She Didn't Nap!

Qianyi didn't nap at all yesterday!

It was already 5pm and she still didn't seem tired to me. I decided to take her down for a swim. I thought she would fall asleep easily after doing some exercise at the pool.

We spent almost one hour in the pool. I wanted to tire her out so that she would take a nap soon. We were having a good time until she yawned. Then I decided it's time to go home.

When we were back at home, I took some pictures of her...She did look quite tired. After bathing her, I put her in the cot. And it's my turn to take shower. I expected to see her asleep when I was out of the shower. But she was still awake. She was sitting in the cot, looking bored and tired. I thought she might be hungry and made her a bottle of milk immediately. She usually would fall asleep while drinking milk on my lap. But she's different this time. After finished the bottle of milk, she didn't look tired any more and started running around. So, she didn't need a nap at all! And her poor mummy wasn't given a chance to take a break. :(

Monday, March 13, 2006

Bloated Tummy

Qianyi's tummy has been quite big. We wonder if it's full of gas. The bloated stomach might be the cause of her small appetite. So, we brought her to see her pediatrician last Sunday.

The first question the pediatrician asked us was "Is her motion regular?" Well, she doesn't poo everyday. When she was a baby, she had bowel movement every other day. Her pediatrician then told us it's normal not to poo everyday.

Qianyi became tensed right away once we were in the doctor's room. When we made her lie down to let Doctor check her tummy, she started wailing. And it's hard to take her weight and height as she kept struggling and crying pitifully. Her weight is slightly below average but she's tall. "She's tall and slim, just like her mummy," said Doctor. Doctor prescribed colic drops for gentle relief from wind and laxative to help maintain regular bowel movements. But she hates both. She refused to drink milk when I mixed those in her milk. So, I stopped forcing her to take them. Meanwhile, I try to put more vegetable in her porridge and boil barley water for her. She's very picky about food. She only enjoys porridge with cabbage, carrot, minced pork, fish cake and scallop in it. I'm not talented in cooking. Sometimes I just don't know what I shall cook for her.

After the bad start of the day (she was crying non-stop at the clinic), we took her to Jurong Point. Her mood turned better when she was at places with lots of toys. She loved to play in a playhouse so much that she refused to leave with us. Hubby and I are planning to buy her a playhouse after we move to our new place. Look at the bottom-left picture, our "little monster" was driving a car called "Little Monster"! Hahaha...:-D

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Harmonica Fun!

Hubby bought a small harmonica for Qianyi recently. She put it into her mouth but didn't know how to make sounds from it. I then played some familiar nursery rhymes for her and she couldn't wait to try it again. One day, she suddenly "learnt" to play the harmonica! I learnt to play it by trial and error too many years ago.

She was so excited and kept inhaling and exhaling. It sounded great although she hasn't learnt music. That's the reason Hubby bought her the harmonica: it sounds good no matter how one blows.

She always looks in the mirror to admire herself whenever she plays. I wonder if she will grow up talented in music. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Gym

We attended a free trial class at My Gym last Saturday. It's a parent participation class but only one adult was allowed to accompany one child. We decided to let Hubby participate so that I could enjoy some peaceful moments on my own. I was watching from outside during the first 15 mins to make sure Qianyi's all right without me.

Qianyi wasn't shy at all at the baby gym. She was running around happily and enjoyed exploring the "playground"(I think it's just another big, wonderful playground to her). When I waved to her and said hello, she stopped running and waved her little hand and said hello back to me. And then, she started running again. Haha, she didn't need me then!

She enjoyed her "free play" and was unhappy whenever one of the three teachers told everybody to "come to sit in a circle". Hubby had to hold her tightly to make her still. Well, other toddlers were sitting happily while listening to the teacher's intructions. Poor Hubby, he told me he sweated a lot while keeping Qianyi from running away.

Later, the teachers put lots of toys in the red circle and asked all the parents to leave the kids alone. She kept playing with the drum. When the playtime's over, the teachers came into the circle to put away all the toys. But Qianyi was holding the drumstick so tight that Hubby had to open her fingers one by one using a little force. She didn't give up. She was running after the teacher who had taken away her favourite drum!

It's bubble time at the end of the class. The teachers switched on a big standing fan to create very huge bubbles. Oh, Qianyi looked so happy. Hubby and I exchanged a glance. We couldn't believe the bubbles would make our little angel so happy. A teacher who spotted Qianyi's happy face said, "She's so happy until speechless!" She started running after the bubbles and tried to catch them after admiring them for quite a while. :)

After the one-hour trial, we decided it's not suitable for Qianyi as she didn't like the interaction at all, she just wanted to explore the place on her own. And what did she get from this trial? Sigh..there are bruises all over her poor little girl...:(

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some Quiet Moments...

Hubby brings home the Today paper during weekdays. Whenever I try to read it, Qianyi would grab it. She loves reading it. Sometimes she would spend quite a while on one particular page...I wonder what's running through her mind.

Look, she's reading the Today paper like an adult! It's like she's taking a break after a hard day's work..haha..

She loves seeing pictures of kids too. She would stare at the pictures and try to imitate the kids.

She's reading while lying on her back. She picked this bad habit from one of her favourite VCDs.

A Lovely Surprise...

I usually check our mail box after evening stroll. But I did it earlier yesterday. As Qianyi was getting bored at home, I took her down to the clubhouse around noon. After playing for a while there, we went to check our mail box.

I was very surprised to see a card addressed to me. It's Hubby's writing. I was puzzled as it's not a special day. I wondered what card it would be.

Back home, I couldn't wait to open it. It's a very lovely card. "I think of both of you all the time", he wrote. It was a really nice surprise and a sweet thing for him to do. The arrival of this card has brightened my day right up! My dearest hubby, thanks for your sweet thoughts. Qianyi and I think of you all the time too!:)