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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Great afternoon!

Qianyi and I had a great afternoon. The weather's beautiful today. We went down to the swimming pool to join the crowd around 5pm. Lots of kids were having fun there. It's been quite a while after our last swim together. While I was changing into my swimsuit last Saturday night, she opened the wardrobe to look for her own swimsuit. She looked kind of upset when I went down for a swim on my own. I felt guilty but managed to enjoy a half-an-hour swim. I promised her I would bring her to swim very soon.

We were having loads of fun at the pool. It's sunny and the water's not cold at all. I was asked the same question by two women. One of them is a mother of two. They asked, "How many months?" I knew they were asking about Qianyi's age. But it's just weird to hear that. It sounded like Qianyi's still a little baby. When I told them Qianyi's already two years old, they looked surprised. Maybe they thought she's much younger than that. :p

After enjoying ourselves for 45 mins, I decided to bring her home. I dried her body with a towel and then helped her put on her beautiful hooded towel. Some maids and aunties there said she looked so cute with the nice towel on. Back home, I quickly took some snapshots of hers before she started removing her hooded towel.

She's not sleepy after the bath. I then decided to go jogging. I put her in her stroller and went jogging outside the condo. It's been a long time since my last jog. When I finished jogging, I found my little darling asleep in the stroller! I didn't sleep well last night but feel myself all charged up after the swim and the jog. It's a wonderful afternoon! :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Eyes Tightly Shut

When Qianyi's scared or doesn't want to see certain things or people, she would shut her eyes tightly, like in the photo on the right. In this case, she didn't want me to capture a shot of her looking at the camera.:p

Whenever we walk near our guard house, she would always shut her eyes tightly and open them only after we have passed it. She's scared of all the security guards here. They love to tease her for this. One of them calls her "shy girl".

While she was running happily on the grass downstairs the other day, she bumped into a male gardener. She just stood right there with her eyes tightly shut. The gardener laughed as he found her very funny.

Whenever I want to bring her to the bathroom while she's watching her Barney VCDs, I would pause the video player. Guess what?? She would keep her eyes tightly shut until I let the video play again. She's scared of the paused video screen! Haha..what a funny girl she is! :D

She would also shut her eyes and be absolutely terrified whenever the Hyundai car commercial appears on TV. That's definitely one brand we would not consider when buying a car!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Boring Mealtime

Mealtime is always a boring time for Qianyi. She hates to stay in the high chair. When she gets bored, she would refuse to eat. I have to keep giving her different toys, including her umbrella to make her happy. When she gets bored with one particular toy, she would throw it away. I'm just like her maid, keep picking up the toys from the floor and searching for another toy for her. What else can I do? This is the only way to make her finish a bowl of porridge. :(

I feed her porridge once a day. She wakes up late in the morning, it's usually 10am these days. She would have a bottle of milk for breakfast. Then she'll have her porridge around 2pm. And then, I would feed her another bottle of milk before her nap. I don't cook anything for her in the evening. She would have some cheese sandwich, yoghurt, fruit when she's hungry. There's another bottle of milk for her at bedtime. She sits in the high chair only once a day, yet she would look so bored. Bored bored's so000 difficult to please her!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goodbye, Swimming Pool!

We are moving away next month. Time flies, we have been living in this rented condo for two years! We moved here when Qianyi was still a little baby. She loves the swimming pool. I wonder if she's going to miss it after the move. Will she remember all the happy moments here? I know she has a memory but I'm not sure how much she can remember about this swimming pool, the playground and the people here.

There will be no swimming pool downstairs at our new home. When we take a walk there, she won't be able to see the familiar surroundings and people again. Will she enjoy the new environment and be happy to meet new people? How are we going to help her settle into our new home? Will there be some sleepless nights? Oh, I do hope she'll love our new home!

Here's a photo of Qianyi's first dip in the pool. She was 4 months old. Look, she was so chubby then..but she's getting slimmer and slimmer now..sigh...

I don't think I would bring her to a public pool as it's kind of inconvenient. Haha..what a lazy mummy I am! We'll try to enjoy the swimming pool here as much as we could during our last month here. ;p

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Little Imitator

Qianyi loves to imitate what Barney and his friends do in the vcds. She likes a scene very much where the blindfolded kids are allowed to touch and bite the snacks given to them before making a guess.

When I came out of the kitchen this afternoon, she dashed into it and opened the fridge immediately before I managed to close the kitchen door. I then witnessed a funny act of hers.

First, she took a carrot out. It's something she does very frequently. She loves to take out a carrot or an apple whenever she's in the kitchen.

Second, she bit the carrot. She would try to bite every carrot or apple before I get there to stop her.

What happened next really amazed me... She imitated the first blindfolded boy who's given a carrot in Barney vcd, "'s a carrot!" Hahaha...

It's not bad to be a little imitator. At least, she has learnt to form some simple sentences. She started adding "it's a " to some nouns quite a while ago but I didn't realize what she was saying then. It sounded like "isa ball" when she was trying to say "it's a ball"!

She's been actively using "it's a" lately. "It's a cat", "it's a car", "it's an apple" have been repeated umpteen times. Hubby and I felt so happy when we first noticed this sudden improvement in her speech. But sometimes we can't understand what she's saying to us. Hubby used to tease me that I should be able to decipher her code since I'm her mummy. Well, I'll try my best to figure out some of her mispronounced words. :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sweet, Girly Look

Qianyi has been mistaken as a little boy many times when she's not wearing a dress. My niece suggested me to let her wear hair clips. Unfortunately, she doesn't like the feeling of having some hair clips resting on her head. She would remove them right away.

I managed to take some snapshots of hers with hair clips on yesterday. I showed them to Hubby later last night. We both found her weird... The hair clips did help create a girly look but this new look doesn't quite suit her as her hair's still so little and short. Well, we think she looks better without any hair clips. Our little girl is beautiful and smart looking without any hair accessories!:p

Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Longer Friends

We met little Qianqian during our evening stroll two days ago. When Qianyi walked near her, she panicked and turned towards her mum immediately. Her mum embraced her and suggested Qianyi to give her a hug. Guess what?? She bit her mum's arm! I didn't expect her to be so scared of Qianyi. Her mum told me she still remembered the "bully" incident at the playground two months ago where Qianyi snatched a ball from her.

Well, Qianyi's just like a little monster to Qianqian longer friends... Now I understand why Qianqian shouted and ran away when Qianyi's trying to hug her the other day. :(

Monday, May 15, 2006

My 3rd Mother's Day

I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mum when Qianyi was 3 months old. Hubby suprised me with a nice Mother's Day card and a gift. He cooked us a wonderful dinner too! Qianyi was 15 months old when we celebrated my second Mother's Day. While we were choosing a watch for myself, the aunty who served us asked, "It's a Mother's Day gift from Baby huh? Daddy will pay first and Baby will have to pay back when she's a big girl!" Well, that's right...haha..

It's a long Mother's Day weekend this year. We celebrated it for 3 days! To have a great start of the long weekend, I suggested Hubby to do something for me...;)

I told Hubby to toilet-train Qianyi! Hubby has no patience to train her but for the sake of Mother's Day, he did it for the very first time. Look, isn't it a good way to bond with his little princess? :)

We went to IMM on the first day. We had our lunch at Secret Recipe. Qianyi wasn't very happy until we ordered her favourite ice-cream for her.

She was much happier when we went grocery shopping at Giant. She seemed to enjoy a lot more sitting in a shopping trolley instead of a restaurant high chair.

We had our dinner at a mamak stall on the second day. She's happy sitting in the high chair this time. I ordered the roti prata ice-cream. It was something new to me. There are 3 scoops of ice-cream inside the roti. Qianyi shared the ice-cream with me happily. :p

After the dinner, we had our tennis session from 9 to 10pm. It's the second time I played tennis. Hubby's a beginner. He booked the court to practise his serve and let Qianyi have some fun running around. Well, she was very busy chasing after the tennis balls and she would throw them back to Hubby. She would sit on the bench to rest for a while when she felt tired. Apparently, she had a good time there.

Hubby handed me the beautiful Mother's Day card while I was patting Qianyi to sleep. It's 12am, a very sweet way to start my third Mother's Day! Like the previous two Mother's Day cards, Hubby signed on behalf of Qianyi...:)

What's my third Mother's Day gift from my two darlings? It's a pair of gorgeous Nike jogging shoes that makes me feel gorgeous too! Thanks a lot to my two sweethearts!!!

It's a wonderful Mother's Day and it's great we had loads of family fun during the long weekend!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Poor Sweetheart

Qianyi fell off the bed early this morning while she's still asleep! It's my fault... She sleeps in between me and Hubby. I usually sleep towards the wall. I would shift to Hubby's place when he's in the bathroom, getting ready to go to work. But I was too tired this morning. I managed to open my sleepy eyes only when Hubby was kissing me goodbye. I drifted off to sleep again almost immediately. Although Hubby has placed his pillow next to Qianyi to block her, she still fell off.

I was woken up by her cries and was shocked to find her on the floor. She was crying softly and pitifully, clearly in shock. I felt so guilty and hugged her tightly to comfort her. I kept saying "Sorry darling" to her. However, I couldn't find any bruises on her head and body. She stopped crying after a while and was trying to sleep again. She gave up after tossing and turning for one hour. We were both wide awake then. Luckily, she's been in good mood all day. She seems to have forgotten about the fall.

Well, it's time to change our sleeping arrangement. Hubby and I don't want this to happen again. She's been napping for one hour now and I'm relieved that she didn't wake up from any bad dreams.

Monday, May 08, 2006

My Active Angel

We met a SAHM yesterday during our evening stroll. I said, "Your daughter doesn't like to run!" Well, I've never seen her running around. It's so easy to handle such a not-very-active toddler. She told me, "Ah, every kid is different... Your daughter is not running, she's sprinting!"

She didn't seem to care when her little girl was walking away. She said she would definitely come back after a while. I told her Qianyi would run straight into the swimming pool or fish pond if I didn't follow her close enough to catch her in time. She then told me Qianyi's very boyish.

There are some maids and mums who have been amazed by Qianyi's endless energy.
"She's so active...just like a boy!"
"She behaves like a boy."
"Whenever I see her, she's running around. She barely walks."
"She's always running around. I didn't get to carry her."
"She runs non-stop. Her mummy also runs non-stop. That keeps her mummy slim."

Haha..I am really getting slimmer...It would usually tire me out after handling such a super active toddler for a day on my own. Poor me...


Qianyi can't pronounce "umbrella" correctly. She calls it "balla"! Ever since she's a baby, she got a thing about umbrellas. Whenever we open our umbrella to shelter ourselves from the sun or the rain, she would stare at it happily.

Sometimes our neighbours who live opposite would leave a wet umbrella outside. Qianyi would shout the word "balla" the moment we open our door. She would touch it and peep under it as if something's hiding there.

Hubby bought a little umbrella for her. She would ask me to open it for her whenever an umbrella appears on tv or her vcds. Umbrellas just never fail to excite my little darling. :p

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Long Weekend


We went for our weekly grocery shopping last Saturday. In the supermarket, Qianyi kept looking at the Heinz cereal. Apparently she loves the chubby babies on the boxes very much.

The taxi stand at the entrance of the shopping centre is under upgrading now. We were told to wait at a temporary one at the back. After waiting for 10 mins, we decided to call for a cab. We waited for the cab for 20 mins and called Comfort's call centre to complain. Well, they arranged for another cab to pick us up. There's no sign of the second taxi either after another 15 mins. Hubby took his mobile phone out of his pocket and found there were two missed calls. One's from the call centre and the other one's from the cabbie, saying he had arrived. Oh no, Hubby didn't realize that his phone was on silent mode. We called the call centre again. We were told the cabbie had arrived at the entrance but left later because Hubby didn't answer his call. So they arranged a 3rd cab for us. Hubby walked to the entrance to wait for the cab while Qianyi and I waited at the temporary taxi stand with a shopping trolley full of our stuff. The 3rd one didn't know how to get to the back either. Luckily Hubby was waiting at the entrance. It took us 45 mins to get a cab! We were exhausted and totally pissed off. Qianyi was in good mood in the beginining but became cranky in the end. It's a rotten day!


We visited the zoo last Sunday. It's the second time we went there after Qianyi was born. It was scorchingly hot and we regretted immediately once we were in the zoo. The three of us were sweating profusely and it's really uncomfortable. We should have gone to some air-conditioned place. But Qianyi enjoyed the animals very much especially those she was allowed to touch. She laughed uncontrollably when she touched the horses and the goats. She even tried to insert her little finger into a goat's mouth! Her playful and joyous mood amazed some visitors who were standing nearby. :)

Well, it's a happy day for us...

Labour Day

We had an appoinment with our interior designer on Labour Day. He was bringing us to his design showroom to view the design drawings for our new home and to select materials. While waiting for him to pick us up, we asked for some fish food from the clubhouse and started feeding the Koi fish. We had a good time!

Qianyi enjoyed the ride to the design showroom very much. She was smiling and clapping her hands. When we were in the design showroom, she was running around happily. I had to follow her everywhere during the 3 hours there. She would explore every corner and touch everything. She would climb onto the glass coffee table top, shake the vase etc. Her endless energy stunned our designer! I was dead tired when we got home later. It's a tiring day for me...