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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 27

This is a special day. I first met Hubby on 27.6.1992. It's our first day in University of Malaya. When I raised my head and met those eyes...those charming eyes...we just couldn't take our eyes off each other. We had fallen in love from the first sight!

I told Hubby last night that we've been together for 14 years. He said, "Ya, 14 years but our daughter is only two years old." He told me our kid would be a teenager now if we married and got pregnant right away 14 years ago! It reminded me of my coursemate who gave birth to a boy during our second or third year in university. Her son should be around 12 years old now, so much older than Qianyi.

We used to celebrate on June 27 but not today. There's still lots of packing to do...Time's running out, we are moving on 29th.

Monday, June 26, 2006

What's She Doing?

My little girl loves climbing into a small space very much. The bottom two boxes of the rack used to be filled with heavy photo albums but I have just packed them into a box. She discovered this new climbing pleasure just now. When she climbed into it successfully for the very first time, she laughed happily...:)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Please Don't Climb...

My little darling, please don't climb up the's very dangerous... If you really want to climb, then do it once or twice a day...don't climb too often...mummy's very tired...please...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Long-Legged Girl

Long-legged girl with the short dress on...;p

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

When She's Down With Flu...

Qianyi has just recovered from flu. I let her wear her pyjamas all day long for two days when her flu started last week. She was in good mood during daytime but she would become very cranky at bedtime. She had difficulty in sleeping due to her blocked nose.

To cheer her up, Hubby bought her a doll during his lunchtime. It's a lovely doll and it was wearing a hat. Qianyi's very excited to see it and played with it straightaway. The hat fell off suddenly and she was so surprised to see a bald head! Hubby and I laughed and I said "没有头发" (no hair). She laughed upon hearing the Chinese words. She learnt to say "hair" long time ago...but after I introduced her to its Chinese translation, she prefers to use the latter. To her, "头发" sounds very funny. When she says it, she would stress the F sound. I kept saying the Chinese words to make her laugh...what a funny girl!

She loves the "没有头发" doll so much that she would feed it with milk or orange juice. She would even kiss it on the mouth frequently...:p

Monday, June 19, 2006

Her Tantrums...

We'll be moving to our new home 10 days later! We've been busy shopping for furniture and electrical appliances for the past few weekends and there's no exception on Father's Day too.

We were at Robinsons last Saturday to buy our bed and mattress. Qianyi didn't like to be there. She kept running to the toy department. Whenever I was trying to get her back to choose our bed, she would throw a tantrum by sitting on the floor sulkily.

She felt better when we were in a big fitting room when Hubby's trying on some nice shirts. She enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror so much. I managed to change her diaper and fed her a bottle of milk there too..haha.. We bought Hubby two handsome shirts for his Father's Day. :p

We started packing our books on Saturday night. Qianyi kept disturbing us. She helped putting our books into the box. She threw tantrums again when we stopped her from climbing up the boxes. I ended up keeping an eye on her while Hubby did the packing alone. She's really a little troublemaker.

I gave Hubby a little surprise on Father's Day. I made a childish card for him on behalf of our little girl. I actully planned to buy a nice card for him during weekdays but Qianyi hasn't been well since last Tuesday. She has runny nose but is much better now. That's why I didn't bring her out and decided to give Hubby a self-made card. Hubby's very happy to receive it and he asked if Qianyi has done the colouring. Well, I actully planned to let her do it but she's really not good at it. She even tried to grab it while I was doing it.

We visited our new home on Father's Day. We would like to take a good look before going to buy a fridge and a washing machine. Again, Qianyi threw tantrums because she felt very bored it's still empty and there's nothing for her to play with. Hubby lost his cool and yelled at her for the first time. She started biting her little fingers and gave Hubby a pitiful look that melted his heart immediately. Sigh....

She's in good mood again when we were at Parkway Parade later. We bought our fridge and washer cum drier. We had a peaceful meal too. Although we were busy on Father's Day and didn't really get to celebrate it nicely, Hubby told me he's happy and contented as long as his two darlings were with him. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Running on Tiptoe

We were at the swimming pool with Qianqian and her mum the other day. We mummies were trying to relax ourselves while chatting away in the warm jacuzzi. But Qianqian didn't allow us to enjoy for a little longer. She climbed out of the jacuzzi and ran towards the baby pool. Needless to say, my little girl followed her immediately.

Qianqian kept running from one pool to another. I wasn't too sure if she was trying to avoid Qianyi. It's a funny scene where the mummies kept chasing after the two little girls. Qianqian's mum noticed that Qianyi was actually running with tiptoe steps. She looked so happy and cute in her swaying swim skirt.

"Why don't you send her to a ballet class? She's tall and she loves tiptoeing..but must keep her hair long," said Qianqian's mum. Since then, I started picturing what that would be like if Qianyi's wearing a ballet dress and dancing with elegant balletic movements....Oh, dream on...;p Anyway the old photo below is the closest we have caught on camera :-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

28th Month Birthday

We were at IMM last Saturday to shop for furniture and managed to find our ideal sofa, coffee table and dining set there. It's 10th...We realized our little girl actually turned 28 months that day! Well, we tried our best to make her happy on her 28th month birthday...

We brought her to Burger King to have her favourite food. She enjoyed her meal very much.;p

Miss Burger King...heehee..She looked so naughty...But there's no mirror for her to admire herself..haha..

It's such a pleasure to meet her three dinosaur friends later. She hugged each of them. She even kissed her old friend, Barney! :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Does She Look That Young?

Qianyi has been mistaken as a little baby a few times recently. Does she really look that young? She actually looks like a little lady in the photo above!

Qianyi and I were having fun at the swimming pool the other day. It was a great sunny afternoon. The pool was quite crowded. A mummy with a little boy in his stroller were taking a walk and stopped near us briefly. We smiled at each other. She then asked her little boy to call Qianyi "mei mei". I was sure Qianyi's older than him. A toddler who can walk or run would never want to sit in a stroller during a walk. I guessed he hasn't started walking. Next, she asked me, "Not yet one?" Gosh! Last week two mummies asked me "How many months?" while we were enjoying ourselves in the jacuzzi. "Not yet one?" sounded more unbelievable. When I told her Qianyi's already two, she looked embarrassed and apologized immediately. She then told his little boy that Qianyi's actually a "jie jie". Haha...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Toys

The little green umbrella was given by one of Hubby's female colleagues. It's a free gift that made her feel eerie. It looks like a ghost umbrella and the 7th lunar month is coming soon so she gave it to Hubby. It's smaller than Qianyi's red umbrella but she doens't really like it. Maybe she finds it eerie too...haha..

We bought a 42" LCD TV for our new home. One of the free gifts we received is an inflatable World Cup chair. Look, Qianyi's all ready for World Cup!! She loves to jump on it so much. It's a fun chair for her. Our living room looks so crowded now with this additional chair.:)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Unexpected Affection

We were at the playground last evening. Qianyi and I were alone before little Qianqian and her mummy joined us. Apparently, Qianqian's still scared of Qianyi because Qianyi snatched her ball away a few months back.

Qianyi's very interested in Qianqian, especially her hair. Qianqian's hair is thick and long. While Qianyi's trying to touch Qianqian's hair which was tied up nicely, I warned her, "Touch, don't pull!" After touching Qianqian's hair, she went on to touch the button on Qianqian's dress. She seemed to like Qianqian a lot now. But Qianqian felt very uneasy with Qianyi around. Whenever Qianyi was standing too close to her, she would throw her mum a please-rescue-me glance and say "mummy..." in a frightened tone.

When they needed to make a move, Qianqian's mummy said goodbye to us. When she carried Qianqian and started walking away, Qianyi ran towards them all of a sudden. She hugged Qianqian's mummy's leg, her face rested on her thigh and she patted her leg with her little hand. This was totally unexpected! Qianqian's mummy asked me if Qianyi has mistaken her as someone else. little girl has never shown such affection to anybody except me and Hubby. I wonder why this shy girl has suddenly become so warm towards her friend's mummy. Maybe she's feeling closer to them now..but too bad, we are moving away soon.