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Monday, July 31, 2006

Qianyi's Country Cottage

Hubby started his new job yesterday. His 2-week break ended. He decided to buy something new for Qianyi to play with last weekend so we bought a pop-up play tent and some toys for our little darling. We hope she would spend more time inside her little country cottage instead of running around the house with dizzying speed.

I send Qianyi to school and pick her up later on my own without Hubby now. She didn't cry yesterday when I left her alone at school but the moment she saw me when I was there to pick her up, she cried. A grandma couldn't believe that Qianyi's still crying after so many days. The other kids go to school happily except my little girl. She's the youngest there...and looks so "baby". All the waiting parents, grandmas and maids would look at us with a smile when I'm comforting my crying baby.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Homemade Pizza

Lichin, my blogger friend who's very interested in cooking has shared with me some recipes for her little princess whose name is Qian Yi too. One of the simple snacks is pizza.

It's Hubby who first tried out the recipe, not me...haha.. He put some hotdog, tomato paste and cheese on two slices of bread and then toasted them. When it's cooked, Hubby didn't think it looked anything like a pizza. However, when Qianyi saw it, she kept saying "pizza pizza..." and couldn't wait to taste it. Well, she enjoyed the homemade pizza happily. :)

My dear blogger friend flied back home from Australia yesterday for a holiday. She and the little one will visit us soon. Ah, it's kind of exciting to meet a blogger pal...and I hope the two little girls will be happy to meet each other too.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Back!

I've been feeling super stressed since Qianyi's bad fall. I would watch her every movement and start yelling when she's running quickly. I was too mentally exhausted to update this blog or read other mummies' blogs. Many thanks for those who left your well wishes in my previous post (blogged by Hubby, I didn't have time or mood to write then).

The photo below was taken yesterday. My little princess is always very happy at home after school. For those who are anxious to know how she's doing now, she's heal fast.

We went back to my hometown last Friday. My dad's place is quite crowded, there's not much space for her to run. It's safer there as my nieces and nephews would follow her everywhere. I felt less stressed there. We came back to Singapore last Sunday and Qianyi went back to school the following day. She cried again when we left her alone at school. :(

Ever since we moved to our new home, she's suddenly interested in her potty again. She would pee in her potty without telling us. She's bladder trained all of a sudden. But she has to wear a pull-up diaper at school since she doesn't tell anybody when she needs to go and her familiar potty is not there. We'll let her enjoy school first. When she stops crying, hope she'll go to toilet with the other kids.

As this kindergarten is so near our house, we thought we'll let her attend it for maybe a year so that she won't have to wake up too early in the morning. We'll consider better nurseries after that. Found Julia Gabriel's Chiltern House programme to be quite interesting, any feedback anyone? :-)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Qianyi Underwent Surgery

This is Qianyi's daddy blogging, temporarily taking the place of Qianyi's mummy who is totally exhausted after the events of the past 2 days.

Qianyi seemed to be coping well on her 2nd day at school, her cryings lasted shorter and her wailings less loud. We thought life would get easier from here and happily brought her home from what should be considered a successful day at the kindergarten. As usual, active Qianyi was running around the house at dizzying speeds while we were having lunch. Then suddenly we heard a loud sickening thud; Qianyi lost her balance while running and fell really hard on her face. We panicked at the sight of quite a lot of blood oozing from her mouth; at first we thought she lost a few teeth from her fall. A closer look revealed a big long tear along her inner lip. We immediately called a taxi and rushed to the nearest children hospital, Thomson Medical Centre.

The doctor there inspected her amid lots of struggles and terribly loud wailings (Qianyi has always hated doctors' offices since birth). Qianyi probably needed stitching but he does not have the expertise to confirm the diagnosis or perform the procedure. The recommendation was to send her to KK's A&E. After hearing all the horror stories about the waiting time at KK, I told him this was not an option and urged him to call in an external specialist to perform the procedure at Thomson. To cut the long story short, we finally secured a plastic surgeon from Mount E who operated on Qianyi under general anesthetic about 5 hours after her fall (we weren't too concerned about the cost as Qianyi has a supplementary hospitalization insurance plan under which all these would be claimable). My wife felt so helpless watching the still and unconscious Qianyi being carried by the surgeon onto the surgical bed (after the little fella put up a valiant struggle before succumbing to the sleeping gas). About 7 stitches were required to close the gaping tear. Just for safeguard, we spent the night at the ward so that Qianyi could be observed by the medical staff throughout the night.

We are at home now with Qianyi being discharged this morning. Life's back to normal for her; she is now sprinting round the house as usual with her Mummy frantically chasing after her. Kids, will they ever learn?

Monday, July 17, 2006

First Day at Kindergarten

It's a big day for the three of us. Hubby's taking a 2-week break before starting his new job and thought it's the perfect chance to introduce Qianyi to her first taste of schooling life by accompanying her everyday for her first fortnight at a kindergarten. He started feeling stressed last night. How would his precious darling react? Will she be traumatized when we leave her alone there? He didn't sleep well. I knew Qianyi would feel very excited once she realized she was going to make lots of new friends but that she would feel stressed and scared too because of the separation anxiety. Anyway it'll just be for 3 hours a day (8.30-11.30am).

We reached the kindergarten slightly earlier to help her settle down. The senior teacher advised us to leave before 8.30am. She told us it's easier for the teachers to help her settle if we leave earlier. As we left, two teachers were trying to block her from rushing out to join us. We heard her wailing loudly from the kindergarten entrance. We both felt very broken hearted. We then had some breakfast at the canteen downstairs but didn't have much appetite. Qianyi went to bed around 12.30am the night before and we woke her up around 7.45am. She went to school on an empty stomach. We started worrying that she might not like the breakfast at school. Back home, Hubby started searching online for better pre-schools. He doesn't like this one. He said it's too small and the teachers don't look qualified enough for his princess...uh oh... Qianyi and I visited the kindergarten twice before this. She seemed to like the place a lot and it's so near.

Anyway time seemed to pass by so slowly and it seemed like forever before we returned to the kindergarten around 11.15. From the glass entrance, I spotted Qianyi from afar; she was sitting alone on a little chair. From her bobbing head, Hubby and I realized that she was sobbing quietly there. It broke our hearts all over again. Her teacher then wiped her face and carried her. Maybe she didn't want us to see her in this state when school ended. When it's finally dismissal time, we saw Qianyi walk slowly to the entrance carrying her own school bag and water bottle. The moment she saw us, she immediately burst into tears and started wailing. Hubby carried her immediately and hugged and kissed her. He also fed her some cookies he brought along just in case she didn't eat the breakfast provided. Her teacher told us she only cried for a few minutes after we left in the morning. She ate her breakfast and interacted well with other kids. Hmmm... how come she's wolfing down Hubby's cookies then? She started crying again only around 11.15 when she realized it's going to be time to leave. Where's Mummy and Daddy??

We wonder what will happen tomorrow morning. You may feel scared darling, but just know that we'll always be there for you, loving and comforting you and trying our very best to help you grow to be a happy, well-adjusted child.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

DVD and TV

Look, Qianyi's watching Barney while I was enjoying my favourite Taiwanese drama on TV! Both DVD and TV were turned on together. Isn't it great? However, I can only enjoy my TV show by reading the subtitle.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still So Young?

We were at MPH bookstore last weekend and saw this pair of nice sunglasses. Qianyi loved it so much so we bought it for her. The new sunglasses managed to keep her happy for the rest of the day.

There's a woman at MPH (I guess she's in her 40s) who said hello to me and Qianyi. She told me, "You're so lucky. You're so young but your kid's so big!" my girl very big?? I told her Qianyi's only two, still very young. "Kids grow very fast...and you're still so young," she said with an envious tone. Ah, maybe I'm "still so young" compared to her. I've told Hubby many many times that we're so old already and our kid's still so young...haha..

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Home Part 3

Our new home is much more spacious than our old place. Qianyi enjoys running around so much. In fact, she doesn't miss our old place at all. She loves this new nest very much because we've got so many mirrors! :p

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Beautiful Hat

While we were doing grocery shopping at Giant the other day, I gave Qianyi a little basket to play with. She put it on her head straightaway, and said "mei mei ah" (beautiful). A little boy saw her and asked his dad, "Why is she wearing a basket on her head?"

She didn't take it off until we were at the checkout. I removed it and apparently, she wasn't happy because her beautiful hat has been taken away. :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Home Part 2

Our bright orange kitchen :-)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Home Part 1

Been super busy the last few days moving and settling into our new home. This is going to be a short blog, just too many things still left to do and clean... sigh. Enjoy these very first few photos of our new home!

Photo 1: Feature Wall on which our new TV is mounted. Qianyi contributed by piling up all her soft toys as decoration :-)
Photo 2 & 3: Some snapshots of our 'home gym'. Hubby decided to invest in this as he's getting fat but doesn't want to spend lots of time away from home in a professional gym.

Photos 4 & 5: Father and daughter at work in our 'home study'. Hubby may have to spend quite some time in this room in the future after he starts his new job at a foreign bank, sigh.