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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nail Polish

I don't use nail polish. Actually I've never applied nail polish. I don't know why. Maybe I don't want to spend time on beautifying my fingernails or toenails. Or, I'm just not feminine enough. :)

When Qianyi saw my sister's black-painted toenails while we were back in Malaysia, she was so curious and kept admiring them.

I put some tiny nail stickers on her fingernails the other day. She loved them! Look at the photo below...she's so vain..haha..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Tale of 2 Qianyi(s) 倩仪 & 芊怡

It's great to meet up with my blogger friend, Lichin and her two-year-old girl, Qianyi (better known as Chiaki) when they were back for a holiday in Singapore. I used to have a pen pal in Singapore. We were both 17 only when I came to Singapore to meet up with him. It's very exciting... He's a very good-looking boy then. It's equally exciting to meet up with Lichin, her hubby and their little one.

The photos above were taken during our first meeting at my place. Look, Qianyi's so fond of Chiaki. The photos below were taken when we visited them. Hubby joined us and he's amazed that Chiaki could speak so well at her age. He told me Chiaki's such a smart kid. We started worrying about Qianyi's verbal development.

Qianyi kept calling Chiaki "baby". She does look like a baby because she's very chubby and cute. Whenever I visit her blog, I would ask Qianyi, "Darling, do you want to see baby Chiaki?" She would run to me and laugh when she sees Chiaki's photos. Now she always says "Siaki" (she can't pronounce properly) whenever I show her the video clip on my mobile phone taken at Lichin's place when the two Qianyi(s) were playing Singapore flags together. :)

If you tell me Qianyi's ready to have a sibling, haha, I would say Hubby and I are not ready and we think she's a source of tension. Hubby and I were chatting away when Qianyi's taking nap the other day, we felt we finally got to enjoy some peaceful moments. (Blurblur, you think I've lost some weight...maybe you are right.. I'm often under stress because taking care of Qianyi is real hard work! :p )

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Looking at Birds

I'm back after being plaqued by IT problems for more than a week. After I switched to the new beta version of Blogger, I always logged in to an empty dashboard. My old posts were not there and I couldn't access my original blogger account. My blogs were viewable but untouchable. I emailed Blogger's helpdesk a few times but didn't hear from them until yesterday. They told me they failed to switch me over but I regained access to my old blogger account. (Jean, thanks for your concern. It's great to hear that someone's missing my blog! ;p) Well, now the Windows XP on my laptop is giving me problems. I can only boot up successfully at random. Hubby is looking into the problem but I fear I will have to reformat my harddisk and re-install Windows. No thanks to Microsoft!

The weather's cool today. We decided to bring Qianyi to Jurong Bird Park. Both Hubby and I haven't been there for ages. The new facade of the bird park is great. It's so different from the one we visited when we were much younger. Qianyi's only interested in pelicans. She kept shouting "Bird...!!" loudly at the huge pelicans. She didn't pay much attention to the other birds. When we were at the bird shows, she weren't interested and kept climbing the stairs by the seats instead. Hubby and I took turns to keep an eye on her and missed most of the shows. Sigh.

She loved the birdpark's large playground the most. She kept running around or climbing up and sliding down. She was having loads of fun and her hair was all wet. Although there's no sunshine, we sweated profusely due to the high humidity. Hubby and I were tired chasing her around so we decided to leave. But she still wanted to play and refused to go with us. I carried her and walked away from the playground with fast paces. As usual, she yelled and kept struggling. She even sat on the road to throw her tantrums. Her pants became wet and dirty.

At last, after a couple of hours of fun at the birdpark, she was tired and was willing to follow us to the exit. We didn't really have a good look at all the birds but who cares? It was a good family outing and that's what matters most! :-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sexy Lips

Qianyi had a bad fall and required 7 stitches inside her lower lip on July 18. The photo below was taken on July 19 after her discharge from hospital. Her lower lip was swollen. It looked thick and sexy.

She hurt her lower lip again today... I was feeding her some fried rice after fetching her home from school. I let her play with her little umbrella. She was standing next to our three seater sofa. When I picked up some rice from the floor and walked away from the sofa, she suddenly cried loudly. I quickly turned back and shocked to see her standing with bleeding lips. I was in an intense fear...Did the same thing happen again? I was trying to see the wound outside her lower lip while comforting her. It didn't bleed much. I didn't witness how she fell. It happened too fast just like her previous fall. When she finally stopped crying, she was too tired and fell asleep. Her lower lip is now swollen and sexy again.

I'm really stressed. I can't watch her every minute. She didn't run this time but still fell and hurt her lower lip. Why is she so clumsy these days? She fell many times at our old place but she had never hurt her lips. Sigh....:(

Friday, August 11, 2006

Playing with her hair...

I've seen an envious look on Qianyi's face many times whenever she saw some little girls with long hair tied up neatly and beautifully. She would try to tie up her hair with her two little hands too. Unfortunately, her hair is way too short and little.

After sending her to school this morning, I went to buy some small hair bands for her. When she's home, I started playing with her hair. She was so excited and happy to see her new images!:p

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Qianyi With The 70's Look

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

National Day Celebrations

Qianyi stayed at home yesterday as she had a slight fever. She was down with a viral infection last Saturday. I sent her to school today although her nose was a little runny this morning. There's a combined National Day cum Racial Harmony Day celebration party at school. All pupils were encouraged to go to school in ethnic costumes. Hubby and I wanted her to join the fun so we just didn't care that her runny nose has actually started.

The flag is the first piece of artwork she brought home. Her name was written behind it. We are going to keep it in our study. :)

Although she wasn't feeling well in the morning, she walked into the school on her own and didn't look back. I'm so proud of my little darling. :p

Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Girl

Qianyi let go of my hand at the kindergarten entrance this morning, walked in on her own and ran towards her classroom right away. She stopped halfway, turned back to see me but didn't cry. I didn't say goodbye or wave my hand (She started crying when I waved to her yesterday). I left quietly. When I was there to pick her up 3 hours later, she looked very happy. She kept jumping and clapping her little hands while I was taking her shoes from the shoe rack.

She didn't cry four days in a row when I was there to pick her up. On the first day, her English teacher brought her to the school entrance. "I've got something to show you," the teacher told me. She opened the picture file on her mobile phone and showed me some photos of Qianyi at school...she wasn't crying. It's her Chinese teacher who took her to me the second day. She told me Qianyi enjoyed the singing lesson so much that she refused to come out. I wasn't alone yesterday (the third day). My blogger pal, lichin, her hubby and their 2-year-old princess joined me at the kindergarten. We were waiting for Qianyi together. We walked back to my place under the scorching sun later on. My little girl enjoyed playing with the younger Qian Yi so much! She couldn't stop grabbing her little friend's chubby pink cheeks. We are going to visit them tomorrow morning...the older Qianyi is missing the younger Qianyi already. :p

Some parents asked me the same question today, "Why did you place her here? She's still so young!" They brought their 2-year-olds (who looked bigger than Qianyi) along to wait for their older kids. I told them we wanted Qianyi to learn to socialize as she's a very shy girl.

Here's a picture of the happy girl, taken today. She put the bracelets (gifts from my blogger friend) on her ears. Hmm..she thinks they look more like ear rings. :)