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Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Children's Day!

Qianyi's school was celebrating Children's Day this morning. This special occasion was packed with fun filled activities and goodies for all the students. The theme for this year is "Disney Party Gang". We were told to dress our kids as Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan etc. There was a characters parade on stage and prizes were given to the best dressed in each class.

Oh, she's unhappy...because Mummy and Daddy didn't get her a Disney costume. She was wearing her old dress. There're no wings or tiara to make her look like a fairy or princess. That's why she didn't win the best-dressed prize!

I brought her to Baby's Hyperstore yesterday but couldn't find any party costume so I decided to let her wear her white dress. When I sent her to school this morning, I saw a mum with a guilty look. She totally forgot about the party and her kid was wearing the school uniform! At least I remembered it and have tried to look for a party costume.

I saw many princesses and fairies at the school entrance, but my little girl's the my eyes...;p

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Awful Kindergarten Teachers

I cringed with horror after reading the following letter to ST Forum. As parents, we entrust our precious ones to their teachers without really knowing what truly happens behind closed doors. How can we ensure our children are safe from these deplorable teachers?

I applaud the comment of Ms Ruth Low, chief executive of PAP Community Foundation (PCF), that our government placed strong emphasis on pre-school education, which is important for our young generation's development. Believing that the PCF is well-equipped with qualified teachers and sound education systems, I transferred my four-year-old son from a child-care centre to a PCF Kindergarten in Block 556 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 in January.

However, the following incidents in this school have raised doubts about how my son can benefit from it.

In May, my son suddenly became very temperamental. He refused to go to school, threw tantrums frequently, and hit anyone with whatever he was holding.

I suspected something could have happened in his school. But he refused to tell me anything. I took him to a psychiatrist. To my astonishment, my son told the psychiatrist that whenever he misbehaved in school, his teacher would lock him in a dark room and he was left alone until the teacher released him.

The school's principal admitted that her teachers practised this 'time-out' method where they put a child who misbehaved in a 'music-room' with the lights turned off.

The principal said some children could take this kind of punishment, but some could not. However, when I checked with my son's three teachers, all said they did not use this method.

My nephew was in the same school as my son, but he was transferred to another school in May. When I mentioned this incident to my sister, she confirmed it had happened to her son as well, which was the main reason for the transfer. My sister spoke to my nephew's teacher and she confirmed that one of the teachers did punish five boys with this method.

My nephew said the room was so dark that he could not see his own fingers. The five boys were left in the dark room crying, without supervision from any teacher. Such confinement is not allowed in any pre-school.

In July my Filipino maid complained that my son pinched her. When I asked him about it, he said his teacher pinched him whenever he disobeyed the teacher.

Recently my son said his teacher would put his classmates in a basket if they disobeyed her.

Both my nephew and my son are four years old. I believe that the children did not tell lies. I am very disturbed by these incidents and would appreciate Ms Low's comments.

Jenny Goh Ai Tin (Mdm)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Help, My Socks Are Too Tight :-(

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Creative Daddy

Qianyi's school requested us to make a lantern together with her at home. I don't know how to make one. So, Hubby made it on his own last Sunday while I was taking care of Qianyi. :p

I brought the beautiful lantern to school this morning. When Qianyi's class teacher saw it, she said, "What a nice lantern!" I told her it's Qianyi's daddy who made it. She was amazed to hear that and told me Hubby's very creative! Haha...

It's also Qianyi's first lantern. We thought of buying her one last year but gave up in the end as she didn't know how to appreciate a lantern yet. Hope she'll enjoy her lantern with her friends in school although it looks a bit too big for her. :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Happy Weekend

We went back to Malaysia last weekend. Qianyi cried briefly when my sis-in-law came out of the house to welcome us. My niece, Mei took out her old toys for Qianyi to play. She started enjoying Mei's company and it's such a relief.

She loved Mei's long hair. When Mei tied up her hair, Qianyi looked so envious and pointed to her own hair. Haha...she wanted Mei to tie up her hair. When she didn't see me and Hubby around, she would ask Mei to carry her.

Mei was amazed to see Qianyi wiping her bottom after doing a pee in the toilet. She said Qianyi's such a smart girl. Qianyi wouldn't tell anybody when she needed to pee. When she wasn't happy, I would bring her to the toilet. (She goes to the toilet on her own at home. I would follow her to make sure she doens't fall when getting down from the toilet.)

My sister told me Qianyi's getting braver. She's still scared of some of my family members but she wasn't crying anymore. When they (10 of them) came to Singapore last month and spent a night here, Qianyi cried a lot. When they first arrived, she cried non-stop. I had to bring her to the playground after opening the door for them. When we went out for lunch, we sat separately so that she wouldn't cry. I didn't get to talk much to my dad and couldn't sit at the same table thanks to my little girl. Luckily she was behaving better later and enjoyed playing with the ladies in the guest room.

I do hope when we visit my dad next time, she would be a much braver girl and enjoy the stay in my hometown. Hope there'll be no more crying!

Friday, September 22, 2006

School Update (Part II)

When I sent Qianyi to school this morning, the receptionist was busy attending to some parents. Qianyi walked in on her own but didn't run off. She went to the reception counter and waited there. Other kids started queuing up behind her. They were waiting for the receptionist to take their temperature.

I couldn't believe my eyes. My little girl didn't run to her class right away. She remembered the first thing to do in school. The receptionist didn't have to remind her to wait there. Her teachers did a great job! :)

I was waiting for a senior teacher. That's why I managed to see this scene. I usually would leave immediately after handing her over to the receptionist or other teachers. I was there to make payment again. I paid $98 for the 'couple' year-end concert tickets and $926 for the termly school fees yesterday. Wah, spent so much $$ for the little fellow! Today I paid $190 to sign Qianyi up for Clay Modelling Workshop. Qianyi will get to learn how to mix colours and to create textures with the colourful polymer clay. I'm sure she'll have loads of fun!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

School Update

I had a brief chat with Linda, Qianyi's class teacher this morning. She told me Qianyi's doing better and would follow some simple instructions. Whenever Linda tells her, "Come, sit!" She would go to Linda and sit down. She would repeat the word "sit".

There's a new girl in Qianyi's class. She cries everyday. My naughty girl doesn't know how to say "don't cry". She would go to the new girl, put her index finger over her lips and say "shh" and then cup her ears with her two little hands. Haha...that's so cute! I wonder if her classmates had done that to her when she first started school.

Qianyi will be taking part in her school's Graduation and Year-end Concert in November. Linda's currently teaching her some steps. She didn't cry when she was told to learn the steps on the stage. She was excited to be in it but she would run off after following the steps for a while. The "big day" is held on a weekday. Hubby will take a day off to attend the concert. We are looking forward to our little darling's "stage debut". :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Clever Qianyi!

Clap! Clap! What a clever girl! Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Down Memory Lane

An MTV of Qianyi when she was just a baby, how time flies! Hope you like the video editing, do turn up the volume!

Little Drummer Girl

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Qianyi's Artwork

Qianyi brought home her second piece of artwork yesterday. It's now sitting on our bookcase. Her Chinese name was written on it. (Her first piece, a Singapore flag has been pasted on the wall in our study.) Looking at this piece of artwork, I wonder how much was actually done by our little darling. Maybe she helped tearing some old magazine pages into pieces. She's good at that. :)

As time goes by, I believe she will bring home more pieces of artwork. Perhaps there'll be some nice "masterpieces" when she's bigger. Are we going to display all her artwork? Guess we need to store some of them. When she's older, we can go through her old artwork together. I think that would be a good idea, don't you think so? There would be quite a collection after a few years. We may become not as sentimental after collecting too0000 many pieces of her artwork and decide to dispose some of them later. So, I decided to take pictures of every single piece of them for future remembrance.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hubby's Birthday

It's Hubby's birthday last Sat. First, we went to the wet market in the morning to buy fresh fish, prawns, pork ribs and vegetables. Then I cooked him a nice birthday lunch. There were steamed white pomfret, stir-fried broccoli with prawns, button mushrooms and his favourite peanut soup. Well, it's just a simple meal but I prepared it with all my love. In fact, it's not bad at all because our little fussy eater ate quite a bit! I also gave him a self-made birthday card. It's not very beautiful but I made it with all my love as well! :p

Hubby would like to have a new pair of running shoes but unfortunately he couldn't find what he wanted when we went shopping at Parkway Parade. We ended up buying a toy wheelbarrow and a beautiful pedal car for Qianyi that day. It's Hubby's birthday but the little one received presents!

Hubby sent me a sms just now. He told me he bought himself a pair of nice red Nike shoes during his lunch break. It's great to hear that...and I thanked him for buying the birthday gift (on my behalf)..haha...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


We've been calling Qianyi "darling" for too long. She doesn't respond when we call her name now.

Everybody calls her "Qianyi" at school. Back home, she keeps saying her own name too. The funny thing is, she calls me "Qianyi"! When she sees me, she would call me "Qianyi" happily. When she looks at my photos, she would say "Qianyi" too.... In the beginning, we thought she mistook "Qianyi" as a greeting term like "hello". But she doesn't call her daddy "Qianyi".

Whenever she calls me "Qianyi", I would correct her. I would tell her I'm "Mummy". When I do that, she would call me "Qianyi, mummy"! Sigh...

Now we try to call her name more often. Hopefully she will understand it's her name very soon.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

9th Anniversary

It's our 9th wedding anniversary today. Hard to believe we've been married for so long! However, 9th is really not enough for us. Hope there'll be many, many more years...

Hubby handed me a nice anniversary card at 12am. He wrote some heart-touching words inside. A big beautiful bouquet was delivered to our doorstep this morning. Little Qianyi seemed to be more excited than me when she saw the gorgeous flowers. After we enjoyed our lunch at Secret Recipe, he went on to buy me a diamond pendant and chain. Lastly, he bought me a CD which has my favourite song, James Blunt's "You are so beautiful" because I told him I loved this song yesterday. Thanks's our anniversary but you made me feel like it's my birthday. I didn't buy you anything. Not even a card. But I will give you a great full body massage later, when the little one is asleep. :p

Just want to let you know, if I were to live my life again, I would choose the same path I go to University of Malaya and to fall in love with you at first sight all over again on our first day there. You are my wonderful hubby, best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener etc. You bring happiness to my life, you give me confidence and my life is complete with you and Qianyi.

Hubby, I love you...and happy anniversary!