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Monday, October 30, 2006

Unhappy Face

Hahaha... Look at the little sad girl above... She cried during the school photo session. I told Hubby we didn't have to buy this one since we've scanned it. But Hubby said she looked cute too though she was crying. So, we ordered some bookmarks with this individual portrait printed on them.

I let her bring along her favourite toy, Baby Bop but it failed to cheer her up. The Chinese teacher was holding her little hand to calm her down. Hubby emailed this photo to his friends. He said she looked very cute here. :)

She felt better here but still looked very unhappy. The Indian lady is Teacher Linda.

We ordered this one, 8R size. I thought there're only 12 kids in Qianyi's class. The class size's actually 15!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Upside Down

Qianyi attended Halloween Party happily as a little fairy this morning. Teacher Linda said her costume's very nice and asked where I bought it. When I was there to pick her up later, she's the first one to come out. Other parents who were waiting at the school entrance were very impressed and said she looked so cute and pretty. On our way home, we received more praises from strangers.

I've just received a comment on Qianyi's video, "Little Fairy Halloween Costume!"

Looks like her wings are on upside down. TOO CUTE!

It never occured to me that the wings were worn upside down. The teachers, parents, strangers and mummies who have viewed the video before didn't realize that the wings were not worn in the correct way either! The comment should have reached me earlier so that I could let her wear the fairy wings properly. Hahaha...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My 1st PTA Meeting

I attended my first ever PTA meeting yesterday.

My meeting with Qianyi's class teacher, Teacher Linda was held in a cordial atmosphere. She told me Qianyi has shown improvement in her speech compared to the previous term. She's able to pick up some words from Teacher Linda and use them during class activities, which is a very good progress. She was a very timid girl who used to cry but now she's learning to listen to instructions and her listening skills have improved. She's curious about things around her. Teacher Linda wears full makeup and Qianyi's very curious about that too because her mummy doesn't wear makeup! One day, Qianyi frowned and pouted her lips while staring at Teacher Linda. Teacher Linda suddenly realized why Qianyi did that because she forgot to apply lipstick after having her breakfast. Qianyi must have seen Teacher Linda pouting her lips before when she's putting on lipstick. She told me, "Your girl's very smart!"

Qianyi gets distracted easily. That's why Teacher Linda always makes her sit right opposite her, facing the cubbyhole. If not, she would walk away when she sees someone's coming. She would hold Qianyi's hand to do her schoolwork. After going through her schoolwork with Teacher Linda, I realized she has learnt quite a lot of things in school. I was allowed to bring home some of her schoolwork.

Teacher Linda told me Qianyi's a cheerful girl. She would say hello to everybody (but not the clay teacher) and smile at them. I was shown a photo of the clay teacher's. He's an ordinary looking bespectacled man. Teacher Linda said she loved teasing the man, "Hey Patrick, do something to make yourself look more handsome so that my girl will smile when she sees you!" She laughed happily.... I brought home all her clay artwork too.

I enjoyed my meeting with Teacher Linda very much. Next, I was in the Chinese classroom to review Qianyi's progress with Teacher Lin. She told me almost the same thing... Qianyi used to cry a lot but now she listens to instructions. She can't sit still for too long. Teacher Lin told me Qianyi's the youngest in the class, she's still a baby who needs lots of attention but she's learning and she has shown improvement.

When it's time to leave, Qianyi waved at me and said, "Mummy, bye-bye!" Oh, my girl wanted to stay back! She missed school. She hasn't attended school since last Friday. There was a field trip last Fri. I didn't sign her up for that. There's a staff training on Mon. Tue was Hari Raya Puasa. There's no school on Wed and today as they're having PTA meetings. Never mind, she's going to attend Halloween Party tomorrow and I'm sure she'll have lots of fun!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Working-Out In Daddy's Home Gym :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Fairy Halloween Costume

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Aunty Qianyi

My nephew's wife gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. My nephew is Qianyi's cousin (biao ge). So, his baby should call Qianyi "biao gu" (aunty) !! It sounds so funny... My little girl became an aunty at age 2! :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Playing With Stickers

Qianyi has had so much fun playing with stickers!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Going Hawaiian

We bought Qianyi a beautiful sexy 2-piece swimsuit last weekend for her Hawaiian dance in the Year-End Concert. She loved it so much and kept admiring herself in front of the mirror. She mentioned "swimming" many times while wearing her new swimsuit. We haven't brought her for a swim for 4 months already! We felt guilty and bathed her in our adult bathtub yesterday. She enjoyed the bubble bath very much. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Chat

I called Teacher Linda yesterday while Qianyi was taking her nap. I asked her if Qianyi's still attending the clay lessons. According to her, Qianyi's still scared of the clay teacher but she didn't cry anymore. She's actually accepting him. They let her play with the clay in her classroom. They will put her back in the clay class when she's not scared anymore.

I asked Teacher Linda if the clay teacher really looked scary. I wonder how he looks like. Why is Qianyi so terrified of him? The answer I received from Teacher Linda was somewhat amusing. "No no....he looks ok to me..but of course, not as handsome as your husband!" We both laughed...:)

I then told her about Qianyi's speech assessment. I asked if it's normal that Qianyi still doesn't speak much at this age. She told me there are kids that started talking at age 3. She said Qianyi's been learning and she has shown some improvements. She taught Qianyi what to do in the classroom when she reaches school in the morning. First, she would put her bag in the cubbyhole. Second, she would take her water bottle out of the bag. Third, she would drink water from her bottle. When it's time to change her pull-up diaper, she would take it out of her bag. She follows Teacher Linda everywhere, even when she goes to toilet. If Teacher Linda asks her if she needs to pass urine, she would point to her pull-up. Sometimes the older kids would ask her if she needs to go to toilet, she would point to her pull-up too..Teacher Linda told me she's a smart girl. She enjoys interacting with her friends too. She would say hello to them and talk to them in baby language. :)

I really enjoyed the chat with Teacher Linda. She's a good teacher. Qianyi's very scared of Indians but this Indian teacher managed to win her heart.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dream Come True

I woke up from a happy dream this morning. It's really a wonderful start of the day!

Qianyi refused to go to school yesterday. The moment she saw her school uniform, she started crying. She pulled her pyjamas down with all her strength when I tried to take it off. I managed to change her into her uniform but her face was already full of tears. When I opened the door, she ran away from me and cried so hard. She looked distressed and I failed to calm her down. So she missed school yesterday.

I called Teacher Linda, her class teacher later yesterday. I asked if Qianyi has been scolded in school. She told me Qianyi's scared of the Clay teacher because it's the only male teacher there. Qianyi ran to Teacher Linda and grabbed her hand the other day when she saw the Clay teacher. She felt better when Teacher Linda told her she didn't need to see him if she didn't want to. Teacher Linda suggested me to bring Qianyi to school today in her home clothes and put her uniform in her school bag. She would change her in school.

However, I decided to let her go to school in her uniform. I don't want her to feel "cheated". She woke up happily but started crying when I showed her the uniform. She refused to change into it but didn't struggle much. I repeated what I did in my dream. I kept talking to her. I told her she's a good girl and a brave girl. She shouldn't cry and Teacher Linda will give her Yakult to drink. I kept talking to her on the way to school. I spoke in both English and Mandarin..."你是好宝宝,你是勇敢的小孩,不可以哭哦!老师会给你 Yakult 喝!" I actually don't know which language she prefers to use. So I tried to say the same things twice. She seemed to understand what I told her. She whined but didn't cry. By the time we reached school, she was ok and walked into the school carrying her school bag. It's such a dream has come true...hahaha...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Sat at Forum the Shopping Mall

We were at Forum the Shopping Mall last Saturday. Well, we had an appointment with Dynamics OTC, Therapy Centre For Kids that day. As Qianyi's verbal development's very slow compared to her peers, Hubby and I were pretty anxious and decided to bring her there for a speech assessment.

Throughout the one-hour therapy session, Qianyi refused to speak a word no matter how the therapist persuaded her. She started speaking only when it's time for us to leave. The therapist told us Qianyi's receptive skill is much better than her expressive skill. She also noticed that Qianyi is a very strong-willed girl. She understood most of the instructions but she preferred to do things her own way. The therapist told us to encourage her to ask before giving her anything that she wants. This therapist also suggested us to let Qianyi go for oral-motor exercises. It's once a week, one hour per session. They will give her some special devices to chew for jaw exercises. We told her we needed to think about it first. We paid $150 for the speech assessment. When we asked for a report, she told us we needed to pay another $100 for them to prepare that. So, we didn't ask for the report as it's too expensive. As for the weekly oral-motor exercise, it's $120 per session. Back home, Hubby search online for oral-motor exercise and found that it's not really useful in the treatment of phonological disorders. We decided not to send Qianyi for that.

We went to Toys 'R' Us later. We met MediaCorp artiste, Xiang Yun there. She said hello to us first when she noticed I recognized her. She looked radiant and was very friendly. She guessed it right that Qianyi's a two-year-old. When I told her Qianyi loved her Shop n Save's advertisement, she said the "jie jie" (her daughter) who also appeared in the advertisement was there too and started calling for her daughter. When her daughter ran to us, Qianyi was too shy and lowered her head. We then said goodbye to each other. It's great to see Xiang Yun, her two kids and her mum. But too bad, her hubby with ever-youthful look wasn't with them.:)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Little Harmonica Musician :-)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Qianyi's Clay Artwork

The Clay Modelling Workshop started a few days ago. Teacher Esther (a senior teacher in Qianyi's school) showed me Qianyi's clay artwork the other day. They're so cute and colourful but can only be brought home next week. I couldn't wait to show Hubby our little princess's artwork so I requested Teacher Esther to let me take some pictures of them this morning.

When I was taking photos of Qianyi's clay artwork, she saw me from her class. She looked upset and started crying. Teacher Esther told me Qianyi's very scared of strangers. The Clay Modelling Workshop is taught by an outsider. Qianyi cried so loud that she didn't join the big group. She would play with play doh on her own outside the room. The teacher would come out to teach her when he's free. :(

I felt so heartbroken seeing her cry. She goes to school happily every morning and her mood's always good when I'm there to pick her up. I didn't know that she actually cried in school. She cried during the Clay Modelling Workshop and cried again during the school photo session...poor girl... We paid for the Clay classes hoping she could have lots of fun but we didn't expect the presence of the Clay teacher would terrify her. Sigh. :(

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

School Photo Session

It's school photo session today. All the students were told to wear white socks and black shoes. As Qianyi didn't have a pair of black shoes, her doting daddy bought her a pair of black boots and long lacy socks during his lunch break the other day. :)

She went to school happily wearing her new shoes and socks this morning.

When I went to pick her up 3 hours later, I heard someone's crying. When her teacher saw me, she opened the door and asked, "Can you come in and calm her down?" According to her, Qianyi started crying when she was brought into the dark room for photo shooting. When Qianyi saw me, she ran to me and hugged me. Her face was full of tears and she rested her head on my shoulder. My presence managed to make her smile and she's happy again. But when it was her turn to take photo, it started all over again although I carried her into the dark room. She was crying and refused to sit down. So I gave up and told them she'd do it next year. The puzzled headmaster asked a teacher who was standing beside him, "Why? It's just a photo!" Well, this man doesn't understand a toddler's fear at all. My little girl's scared of the dark room and the two photographers, is it ok?? @#$*%X