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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So Sweet!

Poor Qianyi is down with bronchitis during this cold and rainy holiday season. She is currently on antibiotics and is slowly recovering.

Look! Despite being unwell, she was so sweet yesterday, bending down to unfasten Daddy's sandal straps just as we were about to enter our home after returning from the market. Daddy was caught totally by surprise and was very touched :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some Happy Moments

Qianyi's enjoying her school holidays now. That's why I didn't get to update this blog for quite a while. I have to entertain her all day long. There's no 3-hour break in the morning for 3 long weeks! :( I was also busy preparing for my basic driving theory test last week, needed for the conversion of my Malaysian licence. I sat for the test last Sat and I passed it! :)

Qianyi and I have spent some pleasant moments together... When the weather's good, we would spend at least one hour at the playgrounds (we usually go to three playgrounds). When it's raining, we would bring something to play at the void deck.

Playing with bubbles at the void deck...

Riding her scooter happily at the void deck...

Dancing in front of the mirror....

Dancing before sliding down...

Singing "itsy bitsy spider" song at the playground...

We went back to our old place last week to visit Qianyi's little friend, Qianqian. It's been 5 months after we moved to our new home. This was the first time I brought Qianyi there for a visit. She couldn't remember the place anymore but her eyes lit up when she saw the swimming pool. However, she seemed to remember Qianqian and her mum. The two little girls enjoyed playing together...:p

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Girl?

Qianyi received two stickers from Teacher Linda yesterday for being a good girl. She usually came home with one sticker on her clothes only.

According to Teacher Linda, Qianyi has shown a great improvement in school. When Teacher Linda said "Qianyi, you are running around?", she stopped running straightaway and sat down while saying "sit sit". She would keep the toys after playing and tell her friends to do so by saying "keep keep".

This "good girl" turned into a little brat yesterday afternoon. We used to put away her toys together while I was singing the "clean up" song (from Barney vcd). But now, she doesn't like to do it anymore. She prefers to be in a messy house. She would let her toys lying around on the floor. It always looks like a hurricane has just swept across the house. So, I was very surprised to hear that she actually cleans up after playing in school.

After I made a bottle of milk yesterday afternoon, I picked up her saxophone and put it on the tv console. She saw it and ran immediately to me. She took the saxophone and dumped it on the floor! She looked angry. She doesn't like us to pick up her toys. Well, I was angry too. I picked up the saxophone again. She wanted to snatch it away and ran after me when I brought it into our bedroom. I put it on a high shelf where she couldn't get it . I raised my voice and spanked her bottom...but that didn't work at all. She cried so hard until almost vomited. It's so difficult to feed her half bowl of rice for lunch. I didn't want my effort to be wasted like that so I gave her back the saxophone. She stopped crying after dumping it for a few times. She then took the milk bottle, lay down on the sofa and drank the milk while watching the vcd. When she finished the 260 ml of milk, she said "good girl" to herself. I was speechless.

I felt mentally exhausted after trying to discipline her. I was at my wit's end. Her mood was good again after she finished the bottle of milk. She seemed to have forgotten the "emotional crying episode".

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Messy But Fun

We bought some bottles of washable paint with special sponge tips from ELC together with the easel. We let Qianyi draw with crayons first and introduced the bottles of paint to her only two days ago.

As expected, she enjoyed painting very much. She tried each colour with all her imagination. Her first painting session took place in the afternoon. There's no mess at all. When Hubby came back from work, I told him about it and he would like to do it with Qianyi too. She was more creative this time. She kept doodling and suddenly put her hands on the wet paint. She started painting with her bare hands! Her two little hands were stained with colours and she tried to touch everything (including her own face)... She had loads of messy fun that night!

Monday, December 04, 2006

They Are More Than Toys

Qianyi's stuffed toys are her imaginary friends too. She would sit them on the floor and talk to her stuffed toy audience in her baby language. She would bring them into her little cottage and play with them.

She enjoys "camping" with her friends so much after we placed her tent in front of the mirror. She loves playing with her furry pals while looking in the mirror.

She used to place all her stuffed toys on the TV console. She wasn't actually interested in them. Now she treats them as her best friends. She's lonely and she needs playmates! I think the soft toys managed to give her warmth and joy.

She's attending holiday classes now. She goes to school happily everyday. This is a 3-week holiday programme and it's going to end this coming Friday. She's definitely going to miss her teachers and friends. While waiting for the school to reopen, these furry friends will give her comfort and help ease her loneliness. They are more than toys...